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Opinion: The Blues missed a big opportunity as reported transfer comes to a dead end

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This might come as a bit of a surprise to you.

Especially given how vocal I was in my support of him when he first came into the team, but I think that a spell away from St Andrew’s would have done him the world of good and both the club and the player can feel really unlucky through all this.

According to reports from The Southend Echo, Blues goalkeeper Connal Trueman could have been a Shrimper for a spell as Southend United reportedly approached Birmingham City about bringing in the 23-year-old on an ‘emergency loan’, but for reasons that haven’t been made clear yet, it never materialised.

However, as I hinted at earlier, I think that him failing to secure a move is bad news for a lot of people, not least Southend who are still searching for their emergency stopper.

Not only would it have given Trueman a few more games experience, something that he desperately needs at his age, but it also would have meant a little bit of a promotion for another goalkeeper that I have been highly fond of in Moha Ramos, who has already had a little bit of a taste of the first team picture this season when he was named on the bench against Coventry City.

How long this deal would have been for it’s not clear, however even if it was just one game, then it’s still a lot better for Trueman than sitting on the bench for another 90 minutes and not getting game time.

And if another offer does come in again for an ‘emergency goalkeeper’, then it’s something that I feel the club need to be looking into and to an extent actively pursuing. Even if you want to send Ramos out for some experience and keep Trueman back ‘just in case’ because he’s got Championship experience, then that’s fine by me as well.

Should the club let Trueman go out on loan?





But they aren’t going to get better simply sitting on the bench and gathering dust. They need to be given the chance to shine, even if it’s away from St Andrew’s.

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  • Alwaysablue says:

    What a stupid headline

    I am sure they have their reasons.

    If your going to make assumptions at least make realistic ones.


  • WayCoolBlue says:

    There are many reasons.

    Had Truman gone out on loan until the end of the season on a emergency loan thete would not have been a recall which is what the club would have wanted in place.

    Birmingham would have been paying his wages.

    We would be left short if Camp got injured.

    We wasn’t given sufficient time to get any deal done that protected our club in certain events.

    Silly article you have never seen Ramos play so how can you say you are highly fond of him you know nothing about him.

    It is obvious that he is not ready for first team football he is not even ready to be back up.
    Where has Truman is ready. We cannot send Ramos out on loan he is not 100-percent our player.

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