Date: 24th January 2017 at 3:23pm
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In recent weeks it has become obvious that we need a striker. With Donaldson out injured, it just leaves Che and Lukas as our two main options as permanent forwards. It is not feasible to have just two or even three strikers in a squad as injuries do occur but also it just means that we will have more options with different formations and different styles of play if we can broaden the attacking options.

January is usually a difficult time to acquire players especially cheaply because they are still under contract until the Summer or longer and less negotiations take place because it is a risk to shuffle the team at this point of the season unless things are not going well or the manager has changed. Or both. Zola is really looking to adapt his team to the way that he likes to play and that has been seen in his signings of the wing backs as well as a creative player. But what Zola really needs in my opinion is another striker to form a partnership.

Although Rowett favoured just one up front, usually Donaldson, Zola is much more a 2 up front kind of manager. It was seen perfectly with Ighalo and Deeney at Watford when he was the manager there. Due to this, we simply do not have the players to implement this system so I would have thought that a striker is next on the list. Strikers may be hard to come by unless they’re unhappy at their current club and I believe that Rhodes is just the man that we are looking for. Gestede has come in for the North East side which looks to push Rhodes even further out of contention. So now seems like the time.

Lets be honest, he isn’t Premier League quality. If he had pace, then he may be but he just isn’t and so to see him sat on the bench at Middlesbrough is not a surprise to me nor anyone who watched him at Blackburn Rovers regularly. However, he is a very good Championship striker. He can use the pace of others around him in order to free up space in the box. If he is given a chance then he will score, there is absolutely no doubt about that. He is a proven goal scorer in this country in this league and to judge him based on his time in the Premier League would be very unfair. We need goals and he would get us them.

It is reported in the Gazette ( that both Aston Villa and Sheffield Wednesday are interested in him which just shows how popular he is in Championship clubs eyes. He may be slightly over priced now and may even be out of our price range because both those clubs could outspend us. But it’s worth a shot and we do need someone like this in order to kick start our season. We need goals desperately and if you want goals, what’s a few million pounds in order to achieve that?

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8 Replies to “Opinion: Rhodes Would Be A Good Addition”

  • Saskia, I agree with you that Rhodes would be a great signing but I can’t see him coming to us. Hope I’m wrong.
    By the way, Ighalo wasn’t at Watford with Zola. He arrived 6 months after he left 🙂

  • Rhodes IMO is over rated he had one good season in the Championship with Blackburn and no he ant cut out for the prem but nor is he any better than what we have here already let Vile take him and sit him on their bench taking a over inflated wage. KRO

  • There’s 2 guys in Italy that have been on fire this season that I think Zola should really be trying to sign. This guy called Higuain has practically scored a goal a game in Serie A, he’d really enhance the quality of our side. Mertens is another really good player who would fit in well. There’s 2 guys in Spain that not many will have heard of, one’s called Ronaldo, the other’s called Messy I think? Messi? Something like that, but they both look pretty good players too. We’ve got just as much chance of signing them as we have with Rhodes, ridiculous.

  • His nothing special anyway so don’t fret it. Over rated over priced over paid not even worth a loan fee.

  • IMO if we had that sort of money Zola would be looking to bring three players in and I don’t think Rhodes would be on the list anyway. You can see the type of player he has been interested in and a medium paced striker hasn’t had a mention yet. We already have two players of this kind so the normal addition or foil would be a pacey finisher.

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