Date: 27th May 2020 at 9:00am
Written by: Mark Day

The left-back position.

It’s a position that I’ve discussed a lot recently, and now that there have been some changes at the club, it’s something that probably needs to be looked at again.

The club have announced over the past few days that the number of options to fill that spot at the club have decreased pretty significantly.

Cheick Keita and Jonathan Grounds are going to be leaving the club when their contracts expire at the end of the season, meaning that other than first-choice left-back Kristian Pedersen, the only other option that we’re going to have going into next season will be Steve Seddon, who’s currently on loan at Portsmouth and has established himself as a regular on the South coast.

And therein lies the problem.

If we’d have kept hold of one of the players set to be released like Keita or Grounds as a backup option for Pedersen, then we could have let Seddon go out on loan again and continue his development, somewhat kicking the can down the road, but at least we’d be proactive in his development.

Who should start at left-back next season?





Now though, unless there is going to be a drastic change in policy, like bringing in another veteran to act as backup, then it looks like there’s going to be a straight shootout between Seddon and Pedersen for that starting role, and seeing as Seddon has said in the past how much he wants to have a ‘permanent’ home, then I don’t think loaning him out again is just going to cut it.

What would you do in this situation? Would you sell Pedersen if another offer comes in for him? Or would you sacrifice Seddon instead and put your faith in Pedersen to move forward?

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4 Replies to “Opinion: Recent changes at St Andrew’s could force some drastic measures on the current squad”

  • Hasn’t Pedersen implied that he wants to go if a Premiership makes a bid? If so the ball isn’t in our court anyway.

  • Irrelevant discussion really ’cause Pedersen is most likely leaving. Can’t wait to see Seddon starting LB next season.
    Seddon doesn’t need another loan having been regular 1st team in top 6 side at Portsmouth, and whose fans have been raving about him and are desperate to keep him.
    We will need to give him an improved and extended contract to make sure he stays.

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