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Opinion: Proposed rule change can act as a win-win for a club like Birmingham City

Image for Opinion: Proposed rule change can act as a win-win for a club like Birmingham City

It may have started off as just a fanciful idea.

But the longer this keeps going on, the more and more likely it is that we’re going to have to do it out of necessity rather than just what I want to have happen.

According to various reports, FIFA have made the proposal that clubs should be allowed to use five substitutes rather than the traditional three to help get players through the last few games of the season when and if football does resume.

I’ve spoken previously about how the academy players could play a huge part in how we end the season given that we could be placed into a ‘mad dash’ to get things done as quickly as possible, well if this rule comes into effect, then it is the perfect opportunity for them to get some crucial minutes under their belt. Given our position in the table, I can’t see us being dragged into a relegation scrap when and if the season does continue, so some of the focus will have to turn towards next season as I’ve talked about before.

Should the club be using the youngsters in the latter stages of the season?





Not only that, but it also gives the more senior players some extra minutes of rest as they get ready to tackle the remainder of the games that they’re going to go up against. Not only that, but if we are set to sell Jude Bellingham, then it might be worth taking him off the pitch when and if the time requires so as to protect our £30m asset.

At this stage, it’s looking more and more likely that we are going to have to call on them in some fashion, so it looks like there isn’t going to be any excuse for Pep Clotet not to call on them at some point.

So a short-term fix to the problem might provide a lot of long-term benefits.

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  • L Goodman says:

    Firstly Jude Bellingham, selling shouldn’t have been an option before the shut down and with the transfer market undoubtedly going to collapse with the financial impact on clubs Blues must ensure they keep Jude.
    Secondly everyone seems to feel we are safe but don’t be too sure who’s to say how each teams form will be after this long lay off. Yes play some of the youngsters once the necessary points have been accumulated

  • Richard G says:

    When or if the season resumes rather than playing behind closed doors restrict attendance to season ticket holders only, which will comply with social distancing rules.

    • Matthew Baldwin says:

      I did wonder about whether or not the maths would fit that. If you took only STHs and then spread them out (even using the away fans section if you had to), could you theoretically get all STHs in whilst keeping them say 5 seats apart?

      Bearing in mind some might not come (too old/too young/not feel like it/not feel safe etc), is it possible?

      Someone would need to tell me the figures, and obviosly it might not work for every club, but I reckon there are some in the country that COULD go down that way if they needed to

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