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Opinion: Perfect incomings, but struggling with departures for Birmingham City so far this window

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Now, I know that the window isn’t totally over.

There’s still the matter of the ‘domestic window’ to get through as well, in which players can still move up and down the divisions, but I think this is as good a time as any for us to take a step back and see what we’ve managed to do up to this point of the season.

Best bit of business: Anyone who has been reading this page frequently will probably know where I’m going with this, given the way that I have talked about him in the past, but it’s Mikel San Jose. I initially was going to give it to Aitor Karanka, but then he wasn’t really a ‘transfer signing’ so we got into a grey area there.

Although San Jose hasn’t played yet, I do still hold out that he’ll be a key player for us, and if he can live up to the expectation, then we’ll have gotten an absolute steal.

How many more players will leave by the end of both summer windows?

Less than 5

Less than 5

5 or more

5 or more

Worst bit of business: There haven’t really been any major disasters this window. Yes we have lost Jude Bellingham, but given the amount we managed to bring back for him it wasn’t necessarily a step back. It might come across as a bit harsh, but if I had to say we made one bad move, it’s that we couldn’t get rid of some of the dead wood that we still have in the team, Fran Villalba being one of them when we ideally could have got some money for him.

Overall grade: A-) We got what we needed, some options in goal, a forward to supplement Lukas Jutkiewicz, some creativity and solidity in midfield and some bodies in defence, and we didn’t have to spend a lot in order to get it. I’m perhaps slightly underwhelmed in terms of the money spent, but overall it has been extremely solid so far.

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  • Brian Taylor says:

    Karanka is gambling on San Jose, Hogan and Leko – will San Jose live up to the hype or be another Jota – can Hogan recapture his pre CIVID form – will Leko be totally recovered from his injury? No way all three will happen. Very dubious about Spanish signings can’t think of any who have been successful. Grave doubts about Hogan – but hopeful about Leko. We have a squad which (so far) have made it harder for the opposition to score but we do need also to have an attacking presence.

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