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Opinion: Pep Clotet’s words need to act as the benchmark for next season

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Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and get out with what you can.

That seems to be the mentality that Pep Clotet is instilling in the players at St Andrew’s at the moment as the Blues managed to stretch their unbeaten run in all competitions to 12 games after a 0-0 draw away to Millwall last night.

And speaking to the club website after the game, the Spaniard spoke about the Blues performance on the night, and that whilst he went there with the intent of grabbing all three points, that this was one of those occasions where it was better to be safe with one point rather than trying for another two and possibly ending up with nothing:

“I am proud of our performance and credit has to go to the players. We follow a game by game mentality, if you can’t win a game then make sure you do not lose it. We are in a moment where the squad is a little bit thin, but I am proud that we are sitting on 46 points, very close to last season’s tally of 52.”

Do the Blues need to adapt their style of play going forward?





At least he seems to be taking away games a little bit more seriously now, as opposed to his previous comments where he treated away games as throwaway affairs, which I’ve criticised him for in the past.

Whilst we’re not in a relegation scrap at the moment where ‘every point counts’ and we’re being forced to grind out results, it is at the very least a great learning experience for him as he continues to develop and grow as a manager in this division.

As I’ve been pointing out, a lot of what’s going on in the next couple of weeks needs to be done with an eye on next season, and whilst I may have been talking mainly about personnel, that should also stretch to the mentality as well.

Use this run as a benchmark for how you want to attack things next season, and then hopefully we’ll find ourselves closer to the top of the table than the bottom like we have done in recent years.

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  • WayCoolBlue says:

    There is a massive chance that PEP will not be in charge of blues next season no real point in lying down foundation’s for next season .

    • Matthew Baldwin says:

      Owners seem happy with what he’s doing, team on the up. Why change?

      • WayCoolBlue says:

        Well the board gave the task to finish in and around the Top 6 is season. Seems he will fall well short of that.

        They also demanded possession based attacking football he has gone against that and gone back to basics.

        He is no playing the same way monk was playing they got rid of Monk and that was one of the main reasons.

        The big man Mr King they call in has been to visit the stadium I’m no more than three occasions this season he is the only one that can go above Dong head and sack PEP.

        There is also a massive possibility that Dong Ren will also so be fired.


  • tracey tyler says:

    Yes I agree with Way Cool for if you take the season on a whole we have not moved on from last season, we are give and take a few points here and there as we were and that was NOT the remit for Pep ,if I recall it was a top six finish minimum so in that sense he will fail so what our Board will do is any ones guess but based on the past few years I will not be running down the bookies putting a bet on Pep staying in charge

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