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Opinion: Pep Clotet in danger of stagnation at St Andrew’s despite the progress he’s made

Image for Opinion: Pep Clotet in danger of stagnation at St Andrew’s despite the progress he’s made

Trying to keep a level of consistency.

That seems to be the message that Blues boss Pep Clotet wanted to get across as he prepares his side to take on Millwall later tonight. Birmingham City have been on a bit of an inconsistent run of late, even though they’ve gone 11 games unbeaten in all competitions, in the last four games, they’ve picked up two wins away from home and only drawn their games at St Andrew’s.

And speaking to the club website before the game, the Spaniard seemed to think that this was more down to the opponents rather than anything that his side was doing, because in his mind they haven’t changed a thing:

“We have been a little bit better away than at home. That all comes down from the fact that all football is different away than it is at home. And that has suited us. But that doesn’t mean it applies for tonight or when we are next at St. Andrew’s. This is a new game with new challenges and there’s another three points to play for. I think our mentality is the same.

Whilst the club is staying undefeated, it’s not that big a deal, at the end of the day a draw is always better than a loss.

Do the Blues need to adapt their style of play going forward?





But if you keep things the same, then eventually teams are going to suss things out and know precisely what to exploit. Even the best sides in the division go through it, just take a look at Leeds United who go on streaks only to eventually be found out and defeated.

It’s all about adapting to various situations, and if Clotet thinks that he can keep things the way they are and be able to get away with it until the end of the season where he can reassess things, then he may have another thing coming.

And not only will his adapting help the team out this season, but it can also provide a springboard for next season, which is something that I think he needs to start building towards in the coming weeks, all under the guise of trying to take this team one step further rather than staying in the same place by doing the same thing.

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  • WayCoolBlue says:

    No chance of you being in danger of coming up with a good story. Something worth Reading.

  • Brian says:

    If we incur a 3 point penalty that 9 points becomes 6 – just 2 wins for teams below us to make life really difficult. Those drawn games could come home to haunt us. We are becoming highly predictable and can only hope that Pep will be ready when inevitably the bubble bursts.

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