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Opinion: Opening day victory can act as a benchmark for what Birmingham City can do this year

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So, how many of you had to wake up and eat some humble pie at some point over the weekend?

I certainly did, having predicted that the game against Brentford would be more about damage control rather than trying to pick up any sort of actual result, so for us to come away with three points was certainly a welcome bonus.

In my mind before the game, and to some extent afterwards as well, this game was going to be more about the performance rather than the points we picked up, with so much being talked about beforehand about the team’s mental state, to see if now that we’re down to some serious business (take away the League Cup), if we’d be ready to attack the league.

Now though, seeing as we appear to have a full-strength team to choose from (at least when it comes to outfield players), we can finally start getting things into gear.

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Although I don’t want to get caught up in some sort of ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ sentiment, I do though think that we have set the mark for what we are capable of this season. If we can go and beat a team that some have challenging for the title, then it puts a marker down for the rest of it.

I’m not saying we’re now going to win every game, but now we know what we can do, there’s a chance that expectations on this team could be kicked up a notch.

If our forwards can play to the same level as the defence did in that game, then we really could be on to something with this team. That means all of them, not just Lukas Jutkiewicz like he did for large parts of last season.

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  • Brian Taylor says:

    The most worrying fact is that we had only 37% possession. Brentford had far more chances and we were saved twice by the woodwork. The win should boost confidence – the proof I need is when we go a goal down will we have the mental ability to fight back? We definately need some more strike power – I am concerned about the money we have spent on Leko who hasnt kicked a ball since December last year and probably wont be anywhere near fit until end October – will he reach potential? Crazy – we need players on the field now!

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    It gets on my nerves everybody talking like Brentford are some sort of world beaters.
    They are a good team but they also have many weaknesses. Witch we Birmingham highlighted in the game.

    Brentford have a shoot on site policy and no plan B

    The don’t know what to do when a team Controls the game out of position like We Birmingham did.
    We Birmingham are not the only team to take advantage of that Fulham also recognise this in the play-off final.

    That are Single-minded and arrogant.
    Mostly due to all the media response the get.
    It’s all very well keeping the ball and shooting on site but you also have to have control of the game out of Position which they do not have.

    You also need composure which was very lacking in Them. So was the the better team are the really as good as people make out. NOT

    Will they be the team to watch this season the media will make sure of it but it’s not valid IMO

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