Date: 9th January 2017 at 8:26pm
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Birmingham City fans have become very divided in recent weeks. Even after a very respectable 1-1 draw against high flyers Newcastle, fans were still at each others throats on social media. It looks like whether we win, lose or draw, the fans have something negative to say about the manager. But is it really that bad under Zola and is it worth the arguments?

Yes, Newcastle had rested players and were not at full strength, however a draw in the FA Cup against them is no easy task so to have done that surely shows signs of improvement. Not only that, but most people that watched the game have said that we deserved to win that game, even the Newcastle fans. I must say, we did and that is due to the attacking flair that we showed; something that has been missing for a long time. The signs of improvement are there and gradually players such as Davis are starting to change and adapt to the new style of playing. Even Grounds is assisting players left, right and centre.

The results haven’t come yet but give Zola a chance before being too critical. The problem with football these days is that people are way too impatient when a new system is being created. It takes time and it takes effort from all sides. Jose at Manchester United had a slow start but now they’re picking up points and catching the rest of the Premier League up. We have to be patient with him and then after this trial period, then we can decide whether he is the right man for us. Every club is different so we can’t always leap back to when he was at other clubs because he has inherited a squad so he must try and adapt to this also.

When Gary Rowett got sacked, I was just as disappointed as anyone. I really was. I felt that Gary really knew the ethos of the club and he inherited a squad from Clark that he was quick to change and make the best of. I still am a massive fan of Rowett’s and I am still very disappointed in the board for how and when they dismissed him. Businesses coming into football and trying to get a quick fix will always anger me, but what has happened has happened and we must try to not take this out on Zola. This anger that we have is purely towards the board so we must give Zola time.

But what does it achieve by arguing with fellow fans on Twitter? That doesn’t gain anything other than a more divided fan base and less attendance at St Andrews which is already shockingly poor considering our brilliant away support. I just feel that our club is at the point in the season where we all need to stick together and try and make the best about what we have rather than moaning about what could have been.

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3 Replies to “Opinion: Now Is The Time To Support Zola”

  • Good points and obviously right that we should get behind Zola. Gary Rowett came and did a job at a critical time,but let nobody be fooled-his football was dire to watch and if continued would see dwindling gates resulting in a new lost generation of young fans. Zola win,lose or draw will always stick to footballing principles.

  • Some of the moaners don’t even go to any games and as for getting behind the manager is this not what we are supposed to be doing. We got behind Rowett because we saw instant results, but he got paid very well for what he achieved so why feel sorry for him and take it out on the next manager or even the board. It was obvious from the performances this season that he had given all he has got in terms of football coaching and tactics, yet it seems this was ok. The ones who felt it was ok were just watching the results and not the performances.
    So because we now have a better performance its now time to get behind the new manager? Maybe he would have got a better performance earlier on if he had felt the backing of so called blues supporters.

  • I can understand supporters finding it hard to back Zola, results was better under Rowett the supporters need results that’s the mine thing. Lets get real would we proffer attacking play only to be beaten every week or a more conservative approach with a win at the end. We was just outside the playoffs on goal difference and now we are 7 points away from the playoffs. For me it’s results that count there is no point to looking good if the result is bad. Yes I want Zola’s system to click I want to be entertained but most of all I want results. I am backing Zola, as best I can but it is hard. Ever game we play I say to my self this is the one where it all kicks in and we get that important win 1-0 6-5 I ant bothered as long as it comes soon. So I say come on Zola show me something I can get behind. KRO

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