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Opinion: Latest twist in Jude Bellingham saga can have a major impact on Blues’ future plans

Image for Opinion: Latest twist in Jude Bellingham saga can have a major impact on Blues’ future plans

Is that really the end of that then?

Well according to one media outlet, we’re at the very least approaching the end of it, even if there are still a few more hurdles to jump over.

According to a report in Sportbild (via Sportwitness), a deal has already been reached between German side Borussia Dortmund and Jude Bellingham over a potential future transfer, however there is no news on whether or not a deal has been agreed with Birmingham City and the German side over a potential fee, whether that be a full transfer fee or some form of compensation.

Although let’s just hope it’s at least in the ballpark of the £30m that has been talked about in recent months.

If this report is indeed true, then that puts us in a bit of a difficult situation if you ask me.

It means that Bellingham for all intents and purposes isn’t really our player anymore, and that could really give us something to think about going forward when and if the season resumes. I’ve spoken before about how we need to start making plans for next season with our remaining fixtures, and the absence of Bellingham could and should really play a big part in that.

Do you care what club Jude Bellingham goes to if/when he leaves?





I’d like to see more of an emphasis put towards finding different combinations in the middle of midfield and how the team sets itself up.

Not only does this allow us to get a head start on the team for the 2020/21 season, but it should also give us a chance to protect our asset to some extent, meaning that the valuation for the fee, whatever that may be, won’t be in danger of dropping.

What about you? Do you think that this news could and should dictate how we use Bellingham going forward? Or should we be keeping things pretty much the same until he officially leaves, if he does at all?

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  • WayCoolBlue says:

    Look this is obviously bullocks!!.
    He can not agree terms with us because he is under age. So what makes anyone think he has agreed terms with Dortmund.

    Bellingham and his family can talk to who thay want as he dues not have a professional contact of implement. But what he dues have is a guaranteed contract at Birmingham on june 1st his 17th birthday. So anyone that would like to takeover his contract will have to agree terms with the club not just the player. They can not offer any terms until the player is 17 years old.

    Same has birmingham can not put terms of contract to Jude but they can agree in principle
    Without involving money. His parents act has is agent and they have agreed to a preliminary contract. Money will be discussed at a later date. Now it can be that Jude will sing a new contract with us Birmingham he may stay or the club may allow him to leave. But this will only happen if the club agree on the finance of the deal.


  • Rob says:

    I really dont what is going to happen but I think the club will for him to sign a 3 year contract. When and if he signs a contract will dictate what sort of money we will get for him . I personally think the club will push really hard for him to sign a 3 year contract so then we could put a 30/40 million price tag on his head and then let us see who really wants his services. KRO

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