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Opinion: Latest Blues announcement merely adds to the confusion surrounding head coach position

Image for Opinion: Latest Blues announcement merely adds to the confusion surrounding head coach position

The whole thing is just one monumental disaster after another.

But given the way things have gone in the past, like sacking Gary Rowett when we were 7th in the table I don’t think many of us should be surprised with it at this stage.

So yesterday the club announced that Steve Spooner and Gary Gardner will be taking charge of the team for this weekend’s game against Stoke City. Nothing sounds really wrong with that on the face of it, someone from the coaching staff replacing the head coach leaves, in fact that’s how Pep Clotet got the job in the first place.

But it’s the details around it that make the whole thing weird.

The club must have known that they were looking to move on from Clotet before the loss to Swansea, that’s why they were so quick to get rid of him once the final whistle went. We saw the report from We Are Birmingham, who said that the club were looking to bring in a caretaker from outside the club rather than promote from within, and yet here we are. It’s also important to note that the club stated they’ll be in charge for Sunday, rather than ‘for the immediate future’ or ‘until further notice’, which to me reads that they’re still looking for someone for the remainder of the season.

Do you have any faith in the board getting the next appointment right?





This to me says that they sacked Clotet and then started the search for a caretaker (perhaps in addition to their search for a permanent head coach, perhaps instead of, I don’t know), rather than going the other way around.

And now we find ourselves in a position where we can go in the space of a few weeks from head coach, to temporary caretakers, to caretakers, to permanent head coach. That’s four different sets of people leading the team in a matter of weeks that’s more than we had from the mid-1990s until 2007 from Trevor Francis to Steve Bruce.

But as I said, should any of us really be surprised by all this?

What about you? Do you think they got the timing of the decision correct?

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  • Gee man says:

    I’m really sorry but until these owners are gone I will not be renewing my season ticket.
    I just wish to say I love the blues but I can’t continue to waste my money any more with those idiots in charge.
    I wish the team and club all the best in the future kro
    Gee man.

    • Chris Martin says:

      I really hate it when people find it necessary to publicly state that they’re not renewing their season ticket for this reason or that reason. Get over yourself , no one cares about you.

      • R Smith says:

        I really hate it when people find it necessary to tell other people that they shouldn’t put their opinion on a platform designed to allow people to put their opinions. Get over yourself , no one cares about you

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    Well Mr Baldwin have you ever thought that we are Birmingham made the whole thing up. Because so far the route they’ve taken is completely the opposite direction. So it’s more likely that we are Birmingham made up the story. Than anything else. I very much doubt we will have a permanent manager in place until the remaining games are played. I do think we will be clear of relegation given the fact that Wigan are being deducted 12 points and so are Sheffield Wednesday. So that’s been a bit of a saving grace but what we need now is to guarantee safety of her own back by gaining 3 points.

  • John flavel says:

    Tom Ross has spoken to Lee Carsley and he has never been contacted by the club it’s just we are Birmingham making up stories putting our club in a bad light they call their selves supporters but really they’re just!! I’ll let you finish the sentence. But I know what I’d like to say.

    Them and Daniel I have always done it to our club they published every little bit of information they get regardless of knowing it’s true or not. They don’t care how much they hurt the club and the supporters.

    Unfortunately too many people give them too much credit.

    And anyone who supports their crap can go F!! themselves.

    Neither of them are good for our club they’ve done nothing for this club but help bring it down along with the owners another bunch of C!!.


  • tracey tyler says:

    Our board are not exactly the greatest at PR i am afraid.Agree with way cool we must get out of this ourselves without relying on other Clubs as there are a couple of scenarios regarding Wigan 1)They way they are playing they could get deducted 12 points and still survive, Paul Cook has done a fantastic job and has got them firing on all cylinders and 2)There is such a hue and cry about their administration that I can see them maybe escaping a points deduction. As for Sheffield Wednesday they again could still stay up with a 12 point deduction and if they are punished it may not be 12pts ??? so its no good relying on their predicaments.If we cant get out of the mess we are currently in then we do not deserve to stay up so get your act together on Sunday and show some passion and pride and score more than the opposition,simple as

  • R Smith says:

    It always amazes me when people on sites like this criticise people for being negative. If the situation needs critical comment why shouldn’t people make complaints?
    Nothing improves if we just sit back and say nothing. We have a board that refuses to communicate with their “customers”. What other business would think that was sound policy?
    We have a CEO who is totally out of his depth, how many flirtations with relegation, how many awful buys from the Spanish second and third division do we need to make and how many managers do we need to appoint and then sack before that becomes clear to some people?
    Not complain? Of course we need to complain because otherwise we are saying that we are happy that the club is just something being used to keep anonymous Hong Kong businessmen listed on the HK stock exchange and no longer a football club with a near 150 year history that deserves respect.

    • John flavel says:

      Is constructive criticism and there is total negativity two different things. Negativity gets you nowhere constructive criticism helps a lot. So you can give criticism without being negative. Negative is for the Doom and Gloomer’s.


  • Bill says:

    Who would come to Blues without knowing what division they are going to be in next season anyway especially given the recent track record of the board in hiring and firing managers in such rapid succession. The board has no alternative but to appoint caretakers from existing staff but it’s all of their own making. A real mess ,

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