Date: 16th February 2017 at 4:23pm
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Recently, I have not held back about my feelings regarding the departure of Gary Rowett and the introduction of Gianfranco Zola. In fact, you’re probably all bored of me repeating myself about how Zola wasn’t the right man for the job. But as a true Bluenose, we all just have to get behind the team and accept that he is the manager and therefore we have to stick behind the team even if the decision to replace Gary is still a bemusing one.

But is this poor run of form really down to Zola? I think that maybe he is getting more criticism than he deserves. Yes, he has come in and tried to change the style of the team. But surely everyone knew that before he had even walked through the door. The chairman and people who hired him would have accepted that a new style of play would be implemented and the funds were there in January for him to implement his style.

I would firstly like to say that Zola’s business in January was brilliant. January is the hardest time to buy players as many are still under contract until the summer and therefore the prices go up and often teams don’t want to mess around with new recruits half way through a season so there is often a lack of business albeit this is changing due to the increase in money in the game. But the signings that he has brought in have all impressed in my opinion. We needed wingbacks for his new style and therefore he brought in two wingbacks. We needed a winger and he brought in a winger. He needed to win back the fans, and who else would do that other than Craig Gardner. The only slight disappointment for me so far is Jerome Sinclair’s contribution but I can see why Zola opted to go for him as he has been brilliant when I have seen him play also but he has not adapted to Championship life at the moment. Something which Zola would not have known. So overall, he addressed as many problems within the squad as he could given the money and time restraints and therefore we can’t be too critical about this.

Yes, we can be critical about the results. But without wanting to make excuses up, he has been dealt a difficult hand with injuries and the odd suspension. The consistency of the backline has been under threat all year because of Michael Morrison and Ryan Shotton’s injuries. David Davis being suspended doesn’t help matters either as it’s all about consistency. Yes, Zola is still trying to find his best team and is changing toe squad to do this, but the injuries haven’t helped him with this and it’s just one of those things in football which we can’t blame the management for.

Also, when he gives a spell to youngsters such as Josh Cogley, many fans were saying that it was the wrong call and that he shouldn’t be playing due to his lack of experience. But yet last season, these same people were calling for Reece Brown and Viv Otabor to get more game time under Rowett as it is a waste. So it’s tough being a manager to please everyone but he is showing confidence in his players and they’re responding as a team. If the togetherness is there, then we can start to kick on and get a run going. As soon as we lose that strength of togetherness then it will end as badly as Aston Villa’s season did last year.


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  • Zola has a stricker the best for his age jake storer. He put cottrol out on load who scored. And leaves good players sitting on the bench. He’s has no clue who to play. And nsue is also a stricker. Now tell me he knows won’t he’s doing. Zola stick to wot u know which is nothing.

  • You don’t score goals if you don’t shoot …And then they have to be on target …The most important single thing in football is getting at least 6 shots on target per match ….It’s not a beauty contest …Looking good is not enough….A!so defenders between the sticks is important….We all voiced at what position we needed new players and for Zola’s part he has done well …The only position he hasn’t yet filled is a proven striker at this level ..But hey 10 million never was going to be enough for all our needs….What is good news is Grounds at centreback. Which has give us an extra bow …And with four star players out at a time the best eleven should be jelling together ain’t helping …Shots on target is the only way out ….COME ON super blues…..

  • I stand behind my team not zola he’s a ******** joke. He’s needs to stop talking ***** and put points on the table. Simple as that or ***** off. Eva way suets me.

  • Zola is not to blame the board is. Tactically and team selection wise he ain’t got a Scooby and he doesn’t come across as a manager who can give the hairdryer treatment. If something isn’t working try to address the problem and not go for the same s##t again game after game. Drop players not performing. The football has been much better to watch than Rowett but in the two boxes where it really matters we’ve been abysmal. Our form is relegation form and only because of the large points tally we already had will we probably get the 10 points required to limp over the line.

  • A lot of hurt coming out at the moment but it will change. It takes time to bed players in and we have to be patient. The football under GR was about nothing more than scraping points out of games and he was good at it last season and the season before. We were found out this season and the bubble had already burst when he left, so lets get behind the team and be happy we have some investment and better players in the club now. Having your regular center halves out isn’t helping although they were not doing too well anyway as we leaked soft goals when they were in the team. This to me is what needs addressing as any good team has a sound defence to build off and conceding goals just puts the players under more pressure, and changes the way they have to play.

  • The short answer is YES he is to Blame. Reason he keeps on playing two CBs with two attacking wingbacks leveeing us exposed at the back. He should be able to recognise this and play 3 CBs after all he is a b pro manager and it’s his JOB.

  • Simple answer is that whichever job Zola has had,he has always been led away from it with a sympathetic arm around him. Decent man but not a football manager. Panos and advisers did their best for him but they needed a decent footballing adviser to recommend a valid replacement for GR.

  • He did go 352 in second half versus Preston and we played well according to a friend who went. The goal we conceded to lose the game was shocking. Very basic defending required.

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