Date: 13th June 2019 at 7:07pm
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Written by: Mitchell Bray

Blues exile from the Premier League is now getting too long.  Since 2011 we have flirted with near trap door jaws into league One with little hope of the upward thrust into the Premiership.

The nearest to a return to the top division was under Chris Hughton in our Europa League season. Since then our turbulent times gathered momentum with possibly last season being the most frustrating of all of them, for obvious reasons.

All that is history as they say and a new beginning starts in early August. We are already under the radar as far as the bookies are concerned with mid-table their favoured odds.

Reality is nobody knows who exactly will come to the fore – surprise packages always emerge, so why not BCFC?

With hopefully a season of calmness off the pitch and no hidden nasty surprises, it could enable Garry Monk to fully operate without shackles.

Monk will have no doubt a plan to make our club competitive throughout the season, hopefully from day one. What we have witnessed from teams such as Sheffield United and Norwich is that they possessed that mental toughness throughout the season to get them over the line. Blues last season had buckets of that in securing our place in the Championship against horrible odds. No team knows better than this squad what survival is about.

Can they, with a few tweaks made by GM, knock on the Premiership door? Championship football is now littered with tough ex-Premier league teams almost making it a second tier, which certainly makes this division fascinating to the point of whether this is better and more enjoyable.

However, we strive for promotion and that’s Garry Monks remit I am sure. Signings will no doubt arrive and a few player exits are inevitable but this season does have that little feeling that should the likes of Che Adams stay and some of our younger talents stake a regular spot in the first team squad then this season could end the exile.

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8 Replies to “Opinion: Is this the season Blues exile from the Premier League ends?”

  • No nasty surprises? And right on cue one nasty wankstain called Ren suddenly appears to pull the rug and undo Garry Monks good work from last season. Thankfully GM hasn’t resigned.

  • Absolutely right Ijaz.Couldnt have timed this worse could I.Just as you think it is safe to enter the water-this hits us. Hoping to read some release tomorrow that cements Garry Monk’s future at the club and at the same time sinks forever the cause of today’s misery.

  • This really hurts the fans for no reason. Ren is like a production line following Pannu and co.Malcolm x is spot on with his strong recent ‘tirades’ at this hapless hierarchy that looks after our club. Ren Out can be heard throughout the City at the moment.

  • Ren must go. He is a destructive ignorance tosser.
    I am surprised monk has stayed through this sort of situation. It’s my opinion that he is stayed for the fans and he’s playing staff. Any other manager would have been out the door. Ten out let’s get a new owner. And not Chinese because they have no clue what they’re doing. They put pride before common sense but they have nothing to be proud of cos they’re tearing it apart. KRO

  • So further proof of what I have been saying for a long.long time your man Ren is the root cause of the “behind the scene’s” issues that continually circulate and become toxic within our Club. Just how much more do we have to accept?….Answer: NO MORE..HEAR,NO MORE. The Owners(anyone know yet?..Lord Lucan, Bermuda Triangle Consortium?!) must listen to the supporters and fully understand their true respect and confidence in GM, and how he has changed what was a very negative and stale atmosphere into the “feel good” mindset that helped us all to galvanise through the traumas of last season, with head held high as we looked to what we were hoping was a brighter future and the continuation of the “work in progress” that GM is installing for the long term future of BCFC. Well, that was of course until yesterdays “news distruption”! Please lets all club together for a taxi for Ren to Birmingham Airport and out of our club so we can continue (and enjoy) the “GM Journey”……

  • After reading Dan Ivery’s blog it seems this has been brewing for some time with Ren getting an office at Wast Hills. So he wants to interfere on the playing side – a subject he knows fuck all about. The board don’t like our playing style or the transfers Garry Monk wants to bring in. They want to see a more expansive style of football. They’ve just sold our most creative player behind the managers back. The club is in a financial mess because of the board. It is just one fuck up after another with these morons. I can see Garry Monk joining another club where his employers are a bit more competent. GM leaving would be a catastrophe for the club.

  • The summer has only just started and negative Nellie’s are out. Rumors accepted as a preference for a future of doom and gloom. Monk has accepted the summer transfers limited by the FL and we have yet to see his plans in action. We need more reliable sources than rumors from the Telegraph. This coming season is better than the last in terms of preparation so we have a good chance of the top six.

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