Date: 25th April 2017 at 3:21pm
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Often, in the last few games of the season, the teams at the bottom are scrapping for their lives. This means that they often pick up points but from a Birmingham City point of view, lets hope that we can pick up the points rather than Wigan Athletic or Blackburn Rovers. It doesn’t matter that we now have Harry Redknapp. For me, it is all about the players on the pitch just putting the effort in that we so badly needed for the latter half of the season but was severely lacking!

I was watching Match of the Day last week and it struck me at how well the teams at the bottom of the table were doing as they had more desire because they had more to play for than other mid tables sides. Hull City and Swansea both defeated teams in a higher league position than themselves and it wasn’t about skill or tactics. It was about that passion to throw themselves over the finish line and not be in the relegation zone when every game has been played.

I’ll be honest, it is almost as if our players earlier on in the season felt that we were not going to be relegated. It’s as if they thought that the points we had accumulated in the first half of the season was going to be enough to keep us up so even if we dive bombed under Gianfranco Zola, we would still be safe. It was that level of complacency that other clubs who are fighting at the bottom do not have. We need to realise that even though the relegation battle is still in our hands, it does mean that we need to step up and actually show that we don’t want to let it go down to the last day of the season.

Losing at Aston Villa always hurts but at least the boys actually showed some desire to want to win. We have to treat these last couple of games as though they’re derby matches. A point even at Huddersfield would be a good result so we need to battle. If we go a goal down, that is no reason to start letting the heads drop, we have to push and show that we are actually committed to staying in this league.

I know a lot of fans are nervous and that is to be expected but personally having watched Blackburn Rovers a couple of times this season, it should mean that they don’t pick up the required points but who knows and I certainly wouldn’t bet on it. However as I have said it is in our hands and we aren’t relying on others to get results, we just have to get them ourselves.

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2 Replies to “Opinion: Do We Have The Fight?”

  • Your right Saskia , this is not just about football it is also about what sort of people they are ..We have always had strong minded people that never give in ,it’s the only way if they want football at this level or higher …Kro

  • The desire is always there but its also about being organised and having some belief. We can add technical ability to this list but we have to accept that this has been lacking for years and make do with what we have, so its back to the basics of working hard and being organised with a sprinkle of luck. Luck hasnt been on our side for most of the season and evaded us again against the Vile as we were well on track for a draw, but I’m a firm believer that we make our own luck in life. Those who work hard and are well organised generally do well and are regarded as lucky. Pretty sure Arry knows this and will make sure we do all we can to influence our own luck in these last two games. GR did it for two years.

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