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Opinion: Despite numerous reports, there still needs to be more action from those at the top

Image for Opinion: Despite numerous reports, there still needs to be more action from those at the top

The more and more you hear a date being talked about, the more and more you get the sense that something is going to happen.

According to a report from The Express, the date that teams are now looking at to bring football back after the long hiatus is 6th June. There had been some previous reports (The Sun On Sunday 5/4/20, via Birmingham Live) that the start date was planned for on or around 8th of June, so that not only adds some credibility to both reports, but also means that we are one step closer to starting the season once again.

The report also states that the clubs are expected to take part in a ‘mini pre-season’ tentatively starting on May 16th, giving the players a couple of weeks to get up to complete match fitness before they hit the ground running when the action does eventually return.

This though is still not an official confirmation, and I think that it really the only thing that is missing in all of this. I wrote last week how giving teams a hard deadline would give them something to work towards, and until we get those words direct from the EFL stating that they have a plan, it’s all still very much up in the air.

Do the EFL need to be telling us more about the end of the season?





What hasn’t been discussed in all this as well with the talk of pre-season, is how official is it going to be, and will the clubs be allowed to play games against other sides like they would normally do in the summer to get them up to a good level of ‘match fitness’ rather than just general fitness that they have been given to work on at home.

All in all, it seems like the EFL and Premier League aren’t keeping the fans very well informed with what is going on, and they really need to be doing more.

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