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Opinion: Controversial figure at St Andrew’s has earned the right to stay at the club

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Seeing as I’m trapped inside, and with no football to be watching, I figured I’d start cooking something up.

And the dish I’m cooking is a nice big humble pie, because I feel there’s a little bit of an apology to be made towards a certain figure at St Andrew’s, and that’s Lee Camp.

Regulars to this site will know that I have been highly critical of him this season for the amount of mistakes he made during the early part of the campaign, although I wasn’t the only one saying it.

However, during his most recent run of games between the sticks after a spell on the bench when Connal Trueman took over starting duties, he’s been nothing short of impressive, and that hasn’t been lost on Blues fans either.

He hasn’t totally convinced me that he should be considered for the starting role next season, I still think there’s always one more mistake in him, but I do think that he has earned the right to be the club’s backup for whoever they decide to hand the number one spot to.

Does Lee Camp deserve a new contract?





With his contract over at the end of the season, the club would have to negotiate something, but if the club were to give him a new deal, I won’t be complaining as much as I was earlier in the campaign. He’s proved me wrong, and he has earned it.

Whether that be someone like the aforementioned Trueman, or if they were to bring someone else in, or give Moha Ramos his chance (I am still waiting for him to get his chance, although I think that the chance may never come, I still live in hope).

What about you? Do you think that Lee Camp has earned a new contract at the club? Or do you think that we should cut ties with him at the end of the season.

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  • WayCoolBlue says:

    Well the current situation means that the Football Association can in force emergency plans and all players will get a 3-month contract extension so this could be taken out of our hands anywhere so it does not matter what we think. It will also apply to loans.


    • Matthew Baldwin says:

      This is true, it’s next season, 2020/21 (whenever that happens, if it happens) that I’m talking about

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