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Opinion: Clotet’s comments highlight a major flaw that the Blues need to address immediately

Image for Opinion: Clotet’s comments highlight a major flaw that the Blues need to address immediately

Failing to apply the finishing touches.

That seemed to be the message that Pep Clotet wanted to get across after his side’s 3-1 defeat at home to Reading, a game in which they had 18 shots, but only 3 on target.

Speaking to the club website after the game, the Blues boss spoke about the team’s attacking play and how the club just weren’t able to finish off their moves, otherwise the game would have ended up a lot different:

“That’s a good side of it that we create those chances and dominate most attacks in the first-half. We had a lot of dangerous attacks in the first-half and it’s just a pity our lead wasn’t bigger, but I don’t want to be harsh on the players because we know what they’ve been through. That said it’s important to rest, regroup and fight again.”

Clotet talks about the chances there for the team, and I fear that the Blues might be in danger of losing sight of the bigger picture here. Whilst Scott Hogan has been scoring goals for fun since he joined us, the rest of the team haven’t really stepped up to the plate to support him. And whilst Lukas Jutkiewicz has certainly done his job, the fact is that the rest of the team are still struggling to make up the shortfall in the goals department.

Are you worried about the potential loss of goals if Hogan leaves?





This goes back to what I have been saying for the past couple of weeks, and how the club needs to start getting things in place for next season. With Hogan with us only on loan, that fruitful partnership between him and Jutkiewicz could be gone. And if the rest of the first team can’t get their act together and start putting the ball in the net, then we are going to really find ourselves struggling when it comes to next season.

And it could put us right back to square one, and with limited prospects of scoring on a regular basis, that’s not a great place to be.

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  • tracey tyler says:

    In reality we have not progressed at all this season and basically we are all waiting for the season to end hopefully after our safety has been secured which is not really how it should be,surely it would be nice to play for something rather than just being grateful we have escaped relegation again.The season has been one of sheer frustration again, promises of a new start and system quickly turned into a panic after we realized we did not have the players to implement the 3 at the back system so it was back to the tried and trusted 4-4-2 but we did not have the players to implement that system either !!!!!. Really bad moves in the transfer and loan markets have made things a lot worse, the only good things to come out of this season are Bellingham, Hogan and Clarke Salter and they will not in all probability be with us next season so we will be left with the average players we have now. So until we get a descent Manager who can do things his way I really cant see a lot changing

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