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Opinion: Blues need to be far more clear when it comes to the future of this veteran

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So, with all the news going on surrounding players that are being released at the end of their contracts, there’s one big name that still hasn’t had his future revealed.

And that’s Blues goalkeeper Lee Camp.

With his deal up in a couple of weeks, it seems weird that they haven’t made some form of an announcement on what his future is going to be, and whether or not that future involves him holding onto the number one jersey at St Andrew’s.

Whilst I have previously been highly critical of Camp at points earlier in the season, I do also believe that given his performances in goal during the latter half of season, that I wouldn’t totally be against the idea of him being given a new contract provided that it be kept as a backup and we begin the process of developing a new goalkeeper for the next five or ten years.

Does Lee Camp deserve a new contract?





Although you can also carry on that development of the next goalkeeper without necessarily having Camp in the building, but at least then you know you have a goalkeeper that you can rely on to fall back on.

However, the fact that the club haven’t given us any indication as to what is going to happen just gives me a little bit of pause for thought.

Why, when we know what’s going on with some players whose deals are expiring, is Camp’s being left up in the air? Is it a case of they already know and just aren’t telling us yet, or is there the possibility that the club are still intent on bringing him back next year? Or are they waiting for the season to play out before making up their mind?

Now that the players are back to training, and things start to get back to normal, hopefully news like this is going to be clarified in the near future.

What about you though? Do you want to see Camp come back for another year? Or do you think that the time has come for him to be moved on?

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