Date: 6th August 2017 at 11:38pm
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If you were to ask any Birmingham City fan what they would like to happen in the next four weeks, I can almost guarantee it would be to see a top quality striker brought into the club.

Blues have so far seen two bids knocked back for Preston North End striker Jordan Hugill and it remains unclear as to whether they will now go back in with a final offer for the 25-year-old.

Last week Harry Redknapp confirmed that the price of players is getting out of hand, stating to the national press that he thought he could get Hugill for £3 million, but now Preston are looking for £6 million.

In the current transfer market, if you want a proven Championship striker who is different to what you already have then you are going to have to spend upwards of £5 million on them.

Blues’ current transfer record is £6 million, a sum which was paid out of cult hero Nikola Zigic, and in my opinion they are going to have to break that if they want to get promoted this season.

Albeit they may not break it on Hugill but they are going to have to go out and spend big money on a proven goal scorer if they want to get back into the top flight of English football.

The club have so far seen a fair few deals fall just short of the line and Redknapp has openly admitted that he isn’t where he wanted to be meaning that they club clearly need to pull their finger out in the last few weeks of the transfer window.

So far, Blues haven’t been linked with hundreds of strikers which begs the question, are they looking for real quality or are they just not looking at all?

Lois Diony turned us down in favour of staying in France. Hugill may or may not happen because of the club being stubborn over the transfer fee. Abel Hernandez of Hull City has been linked but will the club really pay the £11 million they are looking for?

Blues really do need to go hard or go home in these last few weeks of the transfer window because I feel as though the business we do now before the close of the window could be the difference between us being mid-table come January or being right in the top six mix.

Blues fans, do you agree that the club need to break their transfer record on a striker this summer? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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13 Replies to “Opinion: Blues must spend big on a striker”

  • We have no choice but to spend more than we anticipated but there is also an urgency to bring in a player who can create chances as a striker can only do so much with poor service.

  • Yes,we have to spend in this crazy transfer market. Hugill I am unsure about,he possibly could be a good addition,however I would prefer given the option of adding Abel Hernandez,he is proven at this level to deliver the 20 plus goals that will be essential if we have ambition to challenge.What I am certain about is the urgency of addressing the forward line,both would be great,maybe the manager has someone else in mind,sign a decent forward ASAP Harry. KRO

  • Sorry but spending big is no guarantee of success, I think Harry needs to look at the loan market more, some of these premier league clubs have some really good youngsters who’s only chance of 1st team football is to go out on loan and there’s always a chance a permanent deal can be done when the loan period ends. We still need to bring in 4 or 5 players and breaking the bank for just one player doesn’t make sense.

  • That for me is defeating the object …we should be buying them ourselves in positions that we are weakest in in following youth teams . But we need a proven goalscorer now …one that can make goals as well…to lay on goals for Che and score himself ..

  • So David, can you tell me the difference between a loan player that scores goals and a bought player that does exactly the same?, it’s about £10million!!, we’ve done well with loan strikers over the years Bendtner, Jesse Lidegard, Forssell, the Juke, to name a fewnwith the latter two signing permanently, so why not use the market again especially with all the ridiculously over inflated prices at the moment?

  • Until we know who is pulling the purse strings from TTA we are in the dark.Panos replacement we never hear of and never will and if any of you are in any doubt read Often Partisan article today by good friend Daniel Ivery. Then you will get the picture.We are being treated shabbily and I would imagine Harry must be thinking hard.

  • Basically the owners who are to come after TTA are pulling the purse strings. Question is who are they? When Panos left he was replaced by Ren Xuanadong. He has never made a statement to the fans,press or anybody.My only consolation is that Harry must have met him. However the money promised after the Bristol game seems almost Monopoly Money. Far and distant past. We now find our true level fighting over a League 2 Luton striker valued at £1m tops.Gullable us springs continually to mind.

  • Ohio I hope you are wrong,it’s worrying to say the very least hearing your words.If you are correct then Harry will be doing a lot of thinking and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he walked.Have you had any reply to your e mail,that might shed more light on the current situation.The lad he is chasing has potential however not tested at this level.

  • Le Hane. No I haven’t had a reply to my email. However as I have stated,please try and read Often Partisan latest update from Daniel Ivery. He is very tuned in with this and you can then make your own mind up as to what is going on. In fact,I wish and urge any of the Vital writers to help me out here by trying to get to the truth. It is all very well putting player speculations out etc and inviting comments,but let’s sort out some really important issues such as who is controlling Blues at the moment. My maintained view is that it is not TTA.

  • Le Hane. Please watch very carefully what reaction or statement we get from Harry regarding Che Adams. Also, what price comes in for him if Derby are serious. If £10m buys Adams then so be it-but £6 or £7m will certainly tell us a lot.

  • Will do Ohio,will go and read the article now. I know you are passionate about our club and anything you post I know it’s what you think. Did you listen into the Tilton Talk show last night,was great with many of our concerns raised. Please let us know if you do get any info,Cheers.

  • I have listened to Redknapp Ohio,his wording was a little worrying stating that Adams was not for sale in this transfer window. I hope that it was a simple mistake when responding,we sure need him all season,if we sell him in January it will be a huge mistake.
    If we don’t get out of this league by promotion this season I honestly can’t see us fending off offers that will come in from Premiership Clubs.I do believe Adams will be staying put for now,I hope I don’t have to eat my own words.A new improved contract probably will be signed however we know from experience these contracts aren’t worth the paper they are written on ( Robbie Savage ) as an example. KRO

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