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Opinion: Aitor Karanka needs to be careful with how he utilises veteran if he brings him on board

Image for Opinion: Aitor Karanka needs to be careful with how he utilises veteran if he brings him on board

A help, not a hindrance.

That needs to be this player’s role if and when he does come to us.

As you may have seen recently, according to a report from Alan Nixon at The Sun, Blues could potentially be in the market for Danny Fox after he was released by Wigan Athletic following their relegation.

Playing primarily as a central-defender, but with the capability of playing left-back as well, he’ll offer support not just for regulars Harlee Dean and Marc Roberts in the middle, but also Kristian Pedersen at left-back.

As I spoke about on Monday when the news first broke, bringing him in will offer a good bit of experience to a squad that’s only depth seems to be coming from the academy. And it’s the academy that I want to focus on.

Would this be a good move for Blues?





For some of them, this upcoming season is really going to be make or break for them if they are to make it through to the first-team, with players like Geraldo Bajrami and Steve Seddon (who play in the same positions as Fox) arguably chief amongst them given their age and their brief flirtations with the first-team last year.

I just hope that the workload is shared amongst the likes of Fox, and any other veterans that the club might be bringing in, and the academy players this season, some of whom I really do think have the chance to make an impact on the starting eleven at some stage.

It shouldn’t necessarily be the case that Fox is the first name to be called upon when a player like Dean, Roberts or Pedersen goes down, there has to be an opportunity for the young players to get that time as well.

What about you? Do you think that Fox’s inclusion will help or hinder our players in the academy?

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  • Brian Taylor says:

    Our defence is highly suspect – and totally inept dealing with set pieces. We need a player who can solve this problem and be an effective on-field captain.

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