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Opinion: A potential mad dash to end the season could make for a great opportunity for the Blues

Image for Opinion: A potential mad dash to end the season could make for a great opportunity for the Blues

Now is probably going to be as good a time as any.

Well, not now as in ‘right now’, because with football as we know it not set to come back for a while, we can use a little bit of leeway on that particular phrase.

I spoke on Monday about how there is a ‘majority view’ from members of the EFL (The Sun On Sunday, via Birmingham Live) that the football season will restart on or around 8th June. In that piece I said that in order to get all the fixtures in to effect the 2020/21 season as little as possible they could play the games on consecutive Saturdays and Tuesdays so that the season could finish around the middle of July.

Whilst that is just an idea, I do think that they will want to get the season over as quickly as possible to negate any bad effects on 2020/21, and as such, we’re going to need a bigger squad to be able to cope with the demand.

That is why I think the club’s academy players are going to play a big part in the run-in to the end of the season. With football below the National League cancelled it’s clear that unless it’s on a professional level, or on the verge of it in terms of the National League, then it simply doesn’t matter, so I don’t think that the underage football being resumed when this is all said and done.

So their attention isn’t going to be taken up with the development leagues, why not let them develop with the first team?

Do you think the 19/20 season will get finished?





The Blues aren’t in any danger of slipping down into a relegation battle just yet, and assuming that we don’t get dragged into it in the final few games, then why not allow a few of those youngsters like Jack Concannon and Miguel Fernandez a run out with the first team? Heck, even give Bernard Sun ten minutes if you want.

Pep Clotet has spoken before about his plans for the young players at the club, and by hook or by crook, a nice opportunity to play them might just have opened up.

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