Date: 11th April 2016 at 4:46pm
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Another Tuesday night fixture is upon us and this time it is Leeds United who have ventured to the mighty fortress that is St Andrews. The evening kick off’s haven’t been the most entertaining over the last few attempts in particular, the Blackburn game. But this one, being at home, hopes to eradicate the memory of some tough losses throughout the season.

Leeds United are always tough opponents and tomorrow will be no exception. They have a young team and usually this means that they like to play at a high tempo and consistently close down the ball quickly. Therefore, we will need to try and counteract this with a high tempo ourselves.

This week’s one to watch is Charlie Taylor. He will play as a wing back probably, usually on the right hand side. As a home grown player for Leeds, he has that passion which means that he won’t shy away from any challenge whether he is able to get the ball or not. He is what you would describe as a tough tackler. Overall though, he is one of those natural talents that has fulfilled his potential.

Despite not being the quickest player on the park, he has the stamina to constantly go forward and get back. He may be only able to do this at one pace, but it is a fairly fast pace and for some reason, he never seems to tire. This means that he is able to overlap their winger and so our fullback needs to be careful of this. In terms of Taylor’s crossing ability, it is good but I think that we can deal with them easily. He often loops the ball in rather than drilling it in which means that the goalkeeper or central defenders should be claiming them.

Everytime I have seen Charlie play, he has a sense of calmness that is often lacking in younger players. He never rushes the ball but he doesn’t hold onto it for ages either. A very measured player who often likes to play the ball inside to Cook or Dallas before bombing on down the line to receive a reverse pass. A great player but his best attribute is his defending.

He is a terrier in defence and it will be hard to get crosses beyond him because he stays very tight to the winger and tries to prevent any danger.

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