Date: 29th June 2018 at 4:00pm
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David Stockdale has disputed claims that his move to Leeds could collapse due to his wage demands.

The Yorkshire Evening Post reports that the Whites are considering pulling out of a deal for the 32-year-old.

On Twitter, our no.13 said that no talks about salary have taken place after Leeds’ latest bid was rejected by the Blues:


Officially a player cannot discuss personal terms with another club until a transfer or loan deal is agreed. So far, we have reportedly rejected a transfer bid and a loan offer for Stockdale so the keeper is technically correct.

However, interested clubs usually have informal discussions with a player’s agent to see if they can afford a salary before putting in a bid. It’s likely Leeds change of tack from a permanent deal to a temporary one is down to a lack of funds, and the realisation that the goalkeeper’s wages may be too high.

Yorkshire Evening Post reporter Phil Hay says the Whites were prepared to pay a “sizeable portion” of his wages, but crucially not the full amount.

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7 Replies to “‘Null and Void’ – Birmingham Keeper Dismisses Wage Demand Claims”

  • Or it could Simply Be the fact Birmingham want a permanent deal for the player and not a loan deal. Leeds need to cough up. And stop penny pinching.

    • Cough up what? Anything? Ever heard of value for money? He’s 34 FFS, and how many mill do they want? And no-one else wants him. Your name isn’t Ridsdale, is it?

      • All we know is a bid went in and it was way below the asking price and rejected outright. And then a loan offer was putting this tells me Leeds do not have the money they wouldn’t be able to pay anything as they cannot afford it.

  • Check back Adrian Teakdesk’s tweet about this a few days ago. He’s nailed it. And Brum want us to pay for their mistake. NOT about wages,

  • Why do people treat rumor and speculation as fact and then start ranting off about it? If I was Stockdale I wouldn’t bother answering. Truth is nobody actually knows what Leeds have offered and what Blues have asked for. Ask me what I earn and I’ll tell you to mind your own business.

    • Well the liar is self has tweeted all sorts of stupid childish remarks on Twitter. Arguing with supporters from both Leeds and Birmingham. Leeds Renishaw bid was way below the asking price. Then they came back with a loan offer Birmingham do not want to loan the player they are looking to sell the player. He wants to go to Leeds he has tweeted it several times he can go to Leeds once they pay the asking price or at least close to it end of job done lovely jubbly.

  • We know an offer has been made and we know that a loan deal is now being discussed. David even said so himself.

    Why does a permanent deal turn into a loan one? Its because they can’t afford him, but they want him anyway.

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