Date: 11th September 2019 at 7:00am
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It seems we have an answer.

I’ve spoken a lot in the past about Birmingham fans and their expectations for the season. I did so because I got rather annoyed with fans who were shouting for Pep Clotet to be sacked, when realistically we don’t have any chance of doing anything this season.

Now after a poll was done on Twitter, not the most scientific method of study I know, but still a good indicator, it seems that the majority of Blues fans think the team will finish somewhere in the lower half of the table, and above the relegation zone.

So with this in mind, will fans please stop calling for Pep to be sacked so early in the season? Give the guy a chance to make something happen rather than pushing him out the door before he can even get started. Results haven’t been great I admit, but at the same time they could be a lot worse. Undefeated at home is a great platform to build on, but we have to give him the opportunity.

Do I want to be stuck in the Championship? No of course I don’t, I want to be in the Premier League, but wanting us to get promoted so soon after the Financial Fair Play bombshell that we were hit with last season is just asking too much of both the club and the management.

Use this year as a year of stability, and then push on next season when we have the chance for some proper investment and when the players have adjusted to Pep’s methods. I think there is a good team developing at St Andrew’s, with some good young players like Ivan Sunjic who have already made a mark on the world game, and the up and coming Jude Bellingham who could have a great future. But the keyword there is future, not present.

What do you think? Do you think the fans got their expectations right? Do you think they were too pessimistic or perhaps even too optimistic?

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4 Replies to “Now that we know what we’re aiming for, let’s not get ahead of ourselves – Report”

  • A balanced view is always hard to come by when we talk about our football teams, as passion and pride will always spill over, but I think the majority will see what the situation is and take avoiding relegation and above as an acceptable season. More will be expected next season though.

  • It would be nice to have a manager who new what formation to play, he changes from game to game, he doesn’t know his best team, we have no width in the team, what’s the point of playing two strikers if there is no one putting crosses into the box, plus point we have 10 points, god knows how, because to be honest we have been awful, It depressing watching blues, i pay my money and I’m entitled to my opinion

    • I rather have a manager who was trying to find the right system than having a manager who stuck to one method even though it wasn’t working, Zola for example, and perhaps we wouldn’t have been relegated under McLeish if he had tried playing 2 forwards instead of just one who wasn’t scoring anyway.

  • Agree with John, no width in the side, so what does Pep do on Saturday with no Montero ????? bring in Seddon who probably doesnt know why hes picked one week and dropped the next or pack the midfield and go for the draw again.

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