Date: 23rd August 2019 at 8:00pm
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Whichever way you dress it up the players who have gone out on loan at Birmingham City are simply not good enough for the Championship. Good experience to go out on loan, yes, and it suits all parties but let’s not get delusional into thinking anything else.

Josh Dacres-Cogley and Charlie Lakin have had their chance but fell short, similarly, Beryly Lubala who went out on loan earlier in the month is another, although he has had little chance to shine. Steve Seddon and Jude Bellingham are different as they simply have ‘got it’, and we supporters see it and know it.

Excuses have been made that because of the Spanish influx, the above mentioned loaned players are finding it difficult to break through and that is correct. However, the reason for the influx is purely down to what I have mentioned – they are not good enough for this very tough, unrelenting Championship. Lakin and Dacres-Cogley are players who have had more than enough chances.

In our current situation, we have a number of skilled players in Dan Crowley and Fran Villalba who need to push on and deal with the rigours of this division, not only with their undoubted skill with the ball but with the physicality that is now a must. David Davis and Craig Gardner, not forgetting Maikel Keifenbeld when he returns, will play a vital role with these players. Bellingham similarly needs this type of ‘bodyguard’ protection.

At Blues, we do have an array of young talent and many have been with the club since they were young teenagers, but once the Championship stage is ready for them – only a minority survive. As of today, it appears Seddon and Bellingham lead the way with what the club thought at the end of last season would perhaps have had another three or four joining them.

Harsh realities of the Championship I am afraid.

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11 Replies to “Not good enough is the stark reality – the youth question at Birmingham City”

  • How can you state Lakin isn’t good enough? He’s only played a dozen games and was injuried for a few months last season. Like Sneddon a season out on loan will give if the experience he needs. Agree possibly time for Cogley to move on.

    • Odin Bailey, how did you forget him Wes Harding, how did you forget him also. Lubala left on a free Not on a loan. Cogley don’t think he knows what his best position is yet. Is he Winger right wing back full back. It’s a shame we can’t get anyone who actually knows something about the club writing about the club.

  • think you forgot Wes Harding as well I have been reading some of the tripe you write on here sometimes think I am reading vital villa not Birmingham

  • Lakin and Dacres-Cogley will not make it at this level but Bailey and Bellingham will. Harding was already a squad player before all the hype of ‘what great’ youth we have to integrate with the first team. Truth is we only have a couple. Seddon looks to have what it takes.

  • Lakin WILL make it. We have too many midfielders at the club blocking his way. Charlie needs to be playing regularly to develop. He will tear up league two and go on loan to a League one team in January. He will develop physically and come back much stronger. It is a very similar situation to Seddon last year. Hopefully he will do something similar next year. Cogley is third choice right back and will find it very difficult to break into the first team. The club seems to totally disagree with you by signing all the players mentioned on longer contracts.

  • A very divisive subject, what actual percentage of players coming through the Youth, Under 23s etc who actually make it is probably very few to be honest and the ones that have in the past have been sold on ie Gray, Butlad,Redmond but of the current crop Harding to my mind has and should now have a run in the side at the expense of Colin likewise Seddon, the rest mentioned above inc Trueman until they get a chance to prove they are up to the mark are just prospects at the moment so the debate on who is going to make it or whos not is pretty irrevelant

  • Let’s get this article into perspective. Certain players who go out on loan do improve and return capable of making an impact in the Championship.My opinion is that Lakin and Dacres-Cogley have not got what it takes and therefore Crawley and Stevenage is their level.Both have had fair chances at Blues even taking in injuries to Lakin. As regards Lubala I do stand corrected as he has left the club on a free transfer. Writing for Vital does give us all a privileged platform and maybe we irritate a fair number of supporters but we all live and breathe our club and therefore say what we feel. Those who call blogs/articles ‘idiotic’ or ‘tripe’ can certainly rectify this by submitting their own articles- as said it is a privileged platform.

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