Date: 25th May 2018 at 7:00pm
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One person on Twitter put the name of Sheffield Wednesday’s Fernando Forestieri out there as a potential signing for the club.

However, many fans doubt the club could afford the Italian, and there was then some debate over the financial situation at the club with Financial Fair Play to consider.

Some supporters don’t believe the club will pay much in the way of transfer fees this summer:


A source at the club has told Vital Blues that no player will be sold purely because of FFP. They will only leave if they are not wanted by the manager Garry Monk.

With the club having already saved a substantial amount on player’s wages after ending the loan spells of Jeremie Boga, Sam Gallagher, Carl Jenkinson and Cohen Bramall, there seems to be more room for manoeuvre.

Whether that will translate into transfer funds being made available, we’ll have to see.


3 Replies to “‘No Chance,’ ‘We do have money. We just can’t spend it’ – Debate Over Birmingham’s Transfer Budget”

  • There’s a lot attributed to Garry Monk being a methodical manager who plans meticulously.
    He’s already said he’s spoken to the owners about his plans for improving the squad.
    There’s also been comments made by a representative of the club at a forum in respect of the club’s plans regarding new players and the, inaccurate rumours of FFP affecting Monks plans to recruit, they stated that FFP would not affect Monks list of targets.
    I don’t no as a fact, but I would certainly think that Garry Monks list of targets would be realistic ones, I’m not saying they’re all going to be free signings, although there’s a few that would do a good job for us, but, he’s looking to bring players in that will improve us, this also means he’s identified players he wants to replace, I would say there’s several, he’s already let two go and rumoured to have told two or three more they can leave if offers come in.
    I don’t think it’s a case of selling any player we can get a fee for, or just because they’re high earners, although it will help us to have most of the players on similar wages, no, I think, it’s as Monk has said, he wants players with winning mentalities, or, and this is me saying this, he doesn’t want players who only came to the club because we offered the highest wages, or just because Harry Redknapp was the manager at the time. He wants ambitious players who want to play for Birmingham City, and that’s got to be the right direction to go for the long term future of the club.

  • It always seems to be the case a new manager comes in and quickly rushes to get the cheque book out before he has fully assessed the squad. Before spending the finite amount of money we have let’s see what we already have on the books. I do think GM is a sensible manager who will look within first.

  • Agree he is a sensible manager.He is also a man on a learning curve.At Leeds and Middlesbrough he did spend fairly big so IMO he is looking deeper at blues which is both the right thing and the hope of blooding a few gems.

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