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“No and no”, “made for BCFC”- Many Blues fans split over idea of controversial man taking charge

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Well, there’s certainly no doubting his pedigree.

Having guided eight teams to promotion over the course of his career, a record in English football, then he certainly fits the bill when it comes to what the Blues board are reportedly after in the new boss.

Although it’s fair to say that he also comes with a lot of baggage and controversy, so the question is really one of, is he worth the trade off?

I’m talking of course about Neil Warnock. The 71-year-old is just one of a number of names that is being bandied about when it comes to the soon to be vacant head coach’s spot at Birmingham City following Pep Clotet’s announcement last week.

Would you be OK with the Blues appointing Neil Warnock?





And when his name was put up on social media for fans to discuss the pros and cons of him coming to St Andrew’s, as you’d expect with such a controversial figure, the fanbase was pretty split over the idea.

What about you? Would you want Warnock in charge of Birmingham City?

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  • Mark says:

    I think if you have to choose between Nigel or Neal I would go for Neal. I hope its neither but the board don’t have a scoopy doo.

  • Jimmy says:

    At least Warnock would have the balls to tell REN to get lost if he kept interfering. For that reason I would have him any day over a younger manager who will be manipulated by the board.

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    No 2 old should be drawn into pension get to retire we need someone for The Long Haul not a quick fix. Wouldn’t want to Clough either. What’s the bits it will be someone from a foreign league with never heard of.


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