Date: 30th August 2019 at 8:00am
Written by: Mark Day

It’s almost as if they did this on purpose.

Holding this debate the day before the birthday of the man who lifted the cup for Birmingham that day at Wembley.

It’s no secret that the Carabao Cup isn’t taken as seriously by clubs, and even the authorities as it once was. The number of changes that the competition has made over the years, not to mention the changes that the clubs make in regards to their starting line-ups.

It’s probably fair in that sense to have a debate about the overall importance of the cup when it comes to the league campaign, which is exactly what Sky Sports did last night. However, I think upon reflection Julian Warren might have picked a better example to go with.

‘If you gave Birmingham fans the chance to relieve 2011 again, surely they’d take Premier League survival over the League Cup’.

That sentiment did not go down well with the Birmingham fans who tore into the presenter for his views.

Safe to say that these fans would not take Premier League survival over that day at Wembley.

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