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Negative Birmingham comments deserve answers – What are your thoughts

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For a few weeks now, many comments have been made criticising articles written about Birmingham City.

Some commentators have gone as far as to suggest that Opinions or Blogs have been written by non-Blues supporters. This, in my particular case, is not true.

As far as I know, we are all followers of our beloved club. What is written is purely down to opinions and nothing else. Whether it is agreed upon or discarded as rubbish, is for readers to decide.

What is the truth, however, is that again in my belief, that writers are embedded Bluenoses. Over the decades, Blues supporters have been heavily involved with the now almost old fashioned football phone-ins whereby iconic figures like Tony Butler and Tom Ross supplied an outlet for us.

We could get it off our chest and spout our worries or express our joys etc. This was a wonderful outlet for many. Today we have the social media which gives up to the minute information – some good but a huge amount of fake awful news.

My own decision is never to use these rehashed accounts such as Twitter and the like. Writing for Vital Football does give everybody a platform to express what they feel about the club. That is why we can all submit, in general, what we would like to raise.

My own decision to write was the following of Rob Wildey.

He impressed me and contributed so much. He then ceased his contributions and a gap was left. Hence my starting up.

My plea to those who clearly are not happy with the current state of articles/blogs/opinions etc is to think about having a go at writing something close to your thoughts. We are all a bit different and we all have something to contribute.

One thing is for certain is that every Blues win brings immeasurable joy for all of us.


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