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“Must have confidence”- Many Blues fans upset after “disappointing” latest news from the club

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There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the future of the club in recent weeks.

You’ve had numerous players throughout the academy offered or signing deals to keep them at the club for the near future.

However, it seems as though not everyone is going to be along for the ride.

The club announced the other day that a number of players in the academy will not be retained at the end of the season and will be released. Corey O’Keefe, Olly McCoy, Ben Forrest, George Baker, Rhys Hilton, Michael Luyambula, Adam Siviter and Jake Weaver are all going to become free agents this summer once their contracts expire.

Should the club be using more youngsters in the final weeks of the season?





The players have all had various degrees of success through the academy and most of them have played on loan at other clubs to gain first-team football, but obviously it just wasn’t enough for them to earn themselves new deals at the club. When the club announced the news on social media, the general feeling was that the club made a number of mistakes in letting these guys go.

What about you? Would you have kept any of these players?

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  • Sam says:

    These lads are no where near the 1st team – Martin O’Connor commented on the VILE players earlier in the year and again commented he couldn’t imagine any of them near the VILE 1st team – we have an exception in Jude and remember he’s 16 on £150.00 a week I believe – plus we haven’t any money so best to cut cloth accordingly – big sale for Jude hopefully will keep us afloat and a couple of signing including Hogan hopefully might see us push for Play Off’s next year – problem is though with no gate or TV revenue where’s the money coming from – see Jude comment and these lads of the wage bill maybe only on peanuts but all adds up

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