Date: 29th January 2019 at 2:06pm
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Written by Mitchell Bray

Monk enjoying the simple life, but for how long?

Garry Monk’s life at Blues has so far been a simple one. Keep the club in the Championship and coach one of the leagues smallest squad’s into a respectable unit. This brief has so far worked out well with Monk getting career stability at a time when he needed it and the club also benefiting at a crucial time.

Transfer windows haven’t been a major concern as working within the confines also makes his job more straightforward. However this does not underestimate the tireless work he and his backroom staff have done since arriving at the club. Now, however, times are a changing.

Players such as Adams and maybe Vassell are being talked about with possible moves away with Jota also on other club’s radar, not surprising in view of our current restrictions regarding incoming players and our slim hopes of breaking into a top six side. This eventually leads to the future of what is in store for our highly talented management team, who will inevitably attract interest, especially if the club remain in limbo.

After February when hopefully the long protracted EFL will be concluded, the club will be at a crucial crossroads as to the way forward. Only then can any vision be seriously taken if set out by Garry Monk. My feeling is that our manager is much more than that title and his overall input also. Garry Monk is a rare commodity in the modern game, with reasoned logic, acceptability to whatever is thrown around and determination to get the best out of adversity. This is the reason, why I feel our owners should look to this man and build a new beginning around him, not just as a coach or manager but an overall supremo who can understand and see where our club is heading.

Fanciful thinking I know but with Monk around for a long, long time and eventually taking a Matt Busby role, BCFC could well look back at 2018/19 as the defining year when they found a manager who gave us hope out of adversity.

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