Date: 13th July 2015 at 8:53am
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Rob Wildey’s Monday Musings on 13 July 2015.

Oh here we are again? Monday. It`s been a less eventful week than its predecessors mainly because the Blues players were on their jolly boys outing in Marbella. But if Gary Rowett`s phone bill was £750 before, it is sure to be in to four figures now.

The amount of calls he must have made to agents to get Raheem Sterling to change his mind and come to St. Andrew`s instead of the Etihad must have been high. Blues weren`t prepared to meet Liverpool`s valuation though and could only table a £100,000 bid. It is understood that throwing Neal Eardley into the equation would have sealed the deal, but Rowett wasn`t willing to play ball. Rowett also didn`t want to ruin Sterling`s career by forcing him to sit on the bench and wait for his chance.

Last week was the same as the rest in terms of people ‘in the know` spouting off rumours on Twitter. Let me make it clear, these people are as ‘in the know` as Joey Essex on Mastermind. The latest revelation to hit the mill this week was Clayton Donaldson`s pending move to West Brom. Apparently, Tony Pulis didn`t agree with Charlie Austin`s price-tag so made a cheeky bid to lure The Don for £1.5m. I`m sorry but in a world where Andy Carroll is worth £35m, Donaldson must be worth at least £25m?

The players are back to reality now in the beautiful wet sunshine of Birmingham-on-Sea. It was a nice surprise to see an ex-Blues manager out in Marbs waiting to greet the squad. My instincts suggested it would be Lee Clark on his summer drinking holiday. But nope, I was wrong. Lying in wait for our Gary was none other than Sir Trevor Francis.

That`s right. Arguably Blues` second best player ever after Barry Horne (that`s Trevor`s words, not mine) was sniffing around. Trevor was on hand to offer Rowett some tips on how to march your players off the pitch in a huff and still lose the resulting penalty shootout. There was nobody better at that! And imagine if it was Clark?! What sort of advice would he offer? How to play your full-back up front, your striker on the wing and turn a 4-0 defeat into a 5-2 defeat. Priceless stuff.

It`s July 13 and we still have not seen a picture of Sergio Ramos holding a Blues scarf aloft. Why is this? He was keen to get the deal done in time to play at Kidderminster on Saturday. It has always been Sergio`s dream to play at Aggborough. Hopefully we will hear something this week.

The Championship season is three weeks (on Saturday) away. While I look forward to the campaign, I still wonder whose bright decision it was to make Blues travel 156 miles to Ipswich on a Friday night in September. Could they not find a game any further away? Because of this ludicrous decision, the Blues following which would have originally been 549 will now be 49. Thanks Sky Sports, you really show that you care about the fans!

Anyway, that`s all for now. Have a good week and Keep Right On!

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9 Replies to “Monday Musings; Raheem Sterling, Joey Essex & Ipswich away”

  • Haha love reading these, the Ramos deal is close – don’t worry! Just waiting for TTA to top up the loan funds.

  • Who would want Sterling at that price? unbelievable Jeff, Only way he’ll make them his fees back is if all those cockny fans from his QPR days switch from united to city and buy his shirt.

  • I love those ‘in the know sites’ I saw bcfcfollowers tell someone on twitter to ‘blame their sources’ when they got something wrong LOL try not writing up complete crap then lads! I use this site because it is always balanced and honest about where it gets the news, you guys do a good job, like the site.

  • Well, Chris. I am not claiming to ‘in the know’ but what I do know (for a fact) is that GR is hopeful of ‘at least one’ new player before Kiddy on Saturday. Who it is, I do not know.

  • I would also like another in midfield, it could also be one that catches us by surprise, I was NOT expecting Kuzczak and I don’t know who will pop up before the weekend.

  • I always find the fixture lists a bit ridiculous! They don’t seem to consider fans quite a lot of the team. Such as the early kick off on the last day; sometimes they are miles off!

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