Date: 26th September 2017 at 10:39am
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This will be my last word on the Harry Redknapp saga.

A week-and-a-half has passed since his sacking and initially, I was shocked. My concern was that the club had dropped a massive clanger once again and as much as my Mrs told me that she wasn`t bothered in the slightest that Redknapp had gone (he was too negative with the players he inherited, she said) I couldn`t help but feel a little let down by the hierarchy at Birmingham City.

However, the more I learn about the situation, the more it becomes apparent that perhaps the club made the right decision. Here`s why.


Regardless of what line of work you`re in, being told on a daily basis that you`re not good enough will have an adverse effect on you. Redknapp, on numerous occasions, ridiculed the players he inherited. After the Ipswich game, he said: ‘We are in a situation where we are short. I look at the bench and – no disrespect to the lads – I have got no change”.

Since his departure, the players seem more upbeat and positive. Lukas Jutkiewicz used his post-Derby interview to claim the players are ‘enjoying training again`.


Harry Redknapp is well known for being a manager without a plan B and we have seen evidence of that on a few occasions already this season.

The goalless draw against Bolton was a lacklustre affair in which Blues failed to create many openings. Redknapp had options on the bench to adopt a change in style. When passing through the opposition doesn`t work, why not try using wingers to get balls into the box or even, as a last resort, go long? Mix it up a bit. Blues were too one dimensional and predictable.

At Burton, Blues were comfortable at the interval with a 1-0 lead. Nigel Clough changed his system and personnel at the break and Redknapp simply had no response. It was a torrid second half in which Blues were deservedly beaten while Redknapp looked a forlorn figure on the sidelines.

The same can be said for his last game in charge, a 3-1 home defeat at the hands of Preston. Again, Blues led at half-time and were in control. Alex Neil made tactical changes which caused Blues all sorts of problems and Blues couldn`t deal with it – conceding three goals in 12 minutes.


Living in Sandbanks, Harry could be forgiven for wanting to put his feet up or play a round of golf. Instead, he opted for the rigours of management. If rumours are to be believed, the players didn`t see much of Harry at Wast Hills. Apparently (make of this what you will) Redknapp often turned up halfway through the session and spent most of his time at Wast Hills in his office.

If you have ever read Joey Barton`s book, you will know a little bit about Redknapp`s training ground style?it involves more horse racing, less coaching.


To lose three key players to hamstring injuries would take its toll on any team. But why did Blues have so much bad luck with injuries? ‘It happens`, Redknapp said.
Well, this week, Lee Carsley scrapped that theory. He said- “I think we will have to adjust some of the training techniques with what we have done in the past. I don’t think we can just accept whatever it was, three or four, two or three hamstring injuries. I think it’s something that we can maybe manufacture a bit more in training”.


Ultimately, football is a results based business and results under Redknapp this season have been poor. The best performance was, arguably, Leeds away – Blues lost 2-0. Apart from that game, I struggle to recall a good performance over 90 minutes. The second halves against Preston and Burton were as poor as Blues have played in recent years.


Not that longevity is a word in most football owner`s vocabulary, but at the age of 70, how long would Redknapp have stuck around at St. Andrews for? And let`s be honest, if results didn`t improve, he would have walked away – he said so himself.


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  • For me Harryis a proven manager that trusts his coaching staff …he didn’t get all the players he wanted or needed ..But hey he is a character with great knowledge of the game , it’s a pity for like Barry fry if the team had clicked nothing else in life would have been so good an adventure …we have a dream for god sake somebody take us to the promised land …

  • Rob.Let me put this to you. Harry’s buys for me have been poor. Let me put this team before you:- Kusczak,Spector Morrison Shotton Grounds,Davis Keifenbeld Gardner,Maghoma Jukey Cotterill. This team never flirted with relegation and although never exciting did play as a unit. Redknapp buys have been ill judged and not really required. Yes,we needed extra players who would make a difference but the likes of Dean,Roberts,Lowe,Colin and the highly paid Stockdale have seen the club plummet to amazing depths.After tonight’s round of games we will be playing catch up even to see 4th bottom a distant target. 5points from 9 games may well turn into 11 games by next Saturday.Jota and Adams may well improve the team,but holding our breath may be unwise. This squad of players -including Zola lot is frankly abysmal .We can thank Harry for the escape last term but for overall current quality this new look Blues can only be described as below average.This current Championship is simply a bridge too far for us and it may well result in dropping a division to get it sorted .Doom and gloom? well yes it is but reality is that to achieve safety by next May with 52 points is not n with this squad.Love to be proven wrong but after a summer of sublime promises of players who would bring joy to Blues fans has so far only resulted in ex Brentford players,relegation cast off from Blackburn and a Barnsley defender who cannot defend. Vassell from league two Luton may help us but overall legacy from Harry’s ‘summer signings that will grace us for many years to come’ is damning.

  • It just goes to show that replacing and improving the team is a lot harder than most people think. I’ve constantly heard groans and abuse towards the likes of Grounds, Gleeson and Cotterill over the last few years, I admit I’ve gave Cotterill a fair share of stick myself, but fans fail to realise is that these 3 players will do what is told by the manager, performing to their best ability 90% of the time. This is enough in this division to get you hard fought results and that’s what we were about, Harry coming out and demoralising them was the first nail in his coffin. Hopefully the fans start to realise that and we can all start becoming a bit more positive after a horrendous 12 months.

  • My hunch is that he would have taken more time and been less harsh about overturning the squad if he was ten years younger and not looking to retire in a year or two. Without a great deal of time on his hands he took the ‘sweep clean quickly’ with big hard bristled broom approach.

    Rob, Jukey might be happier in training now but will he score the 20 plus goals a season and chip in with assists to help get us promotion?

    I agree HR may not be the best tactical coach in the world but to suggest he is a poor coach lacking ideas is a step too far. You don’t get a CV of his standards by being regularly out managed.
    The whole idea of playing a passing game is in order not to be predictable. If we resort back to old style football every time we can’t create a breakthrough we will never learn to do it effectively; maybe we will pick up a few points here and there short term but it will come with a long term detriment. HR just needed more time to work on tactics.

    HR obviously can’t win with his training methods, because if he is there he makes the players unhappy and if he is absent he is a shirker. Rumours are probably best ignored and treated with content when someone with HR’s management track record is concerned. You don’t constantly get a team into the Champions League, and win promotion from the Championship twice by not knowing what you are doing.

    I don’t blame Lee Carsley for taking a cautious approach to training in regards to hamstring injury risks. That being said, when did HR get a reputation for crocking players previously?

    Blues not playing well for 90 minutes was a problem for Rowett as well as Zola, and they had far more time than HR to get it right.

    Your right football is a results business but in a realistic time frame. At the end of the day I’m sure he would have got us playing a good passing game style of football leading to promotion next season. Playing on the back foot, ‘Rowett style’ is not going to get us promotion, a change is needed but it will take time, certainly more time than HR got.

    It was a sad day when HR got the boot, but it is even sadder that some Blues fans are now comfortable with the owners sacking a proven manager after just a few games.

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