Date: 12th September 2019 at 8:07am
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[Written By Mitchell Bray] 

This almost frenzied, continual discussions and debates concerning our midfielders is getting miles away from our real problem-scoring goals.

We are obsessed with midfield formations and who should play there and how many should be in particular areas of the pitch.

This is possibly due to the bus loads of arrivals during the summer, with only one forward secured.

We are masking the real problem of the scoring of goals. We all know it but this barmy policy of getting bodies in to pass the ball around is getting farcical. We know Pep’s orders come from above and carry it out he has to, or start looking elsewhere for a job.

All this effort and time wasting on scouring the European circuit for available midfielders simply do not solve the problem.

Efforts during the summer should have been to find a couple of strikers who can find the net. With all the midfielders we have, will not ensure ball passing, possession football – in fact just the reverse.

We are tepid up front and that will possibly come back to haunt us. This week’s talk has been about McEachran and his possible arrival in the midfield department. Again supporters have bought into it big time and sadly so.

Heavens above, we need help for Jutkiewicz, Bellingham and Gimenez not an office full of not very good midfielders behind them. Championship clubs who are determined to get goal scorers do just that and without paying the earth for them.

It is about priorities and we know only too well where our coaching staff see it. Wrong decisions in my opinion.

Michael Morrison was criticised for winning the ball, taking one touch and banging it up to Jutkiewicz by our hierarchy, instead of playing the ball around in dangerous areas. Give me the one touch any day  for the Juke to knock down for a couple of good strikers around him.

This summer has seen much change at our club with the emphasis on a new look playing style. Great if you have real quality but a waste of time and money if you have to rely on mainly freebies and low cost loans.

Football is a simple game at Blues, or should be, with little tinkering from last season.

Blueprint should have been an Adams replacement and a strong goalkeeper.

Simplicity is never that sadly at St.Andrews.

Mitchell Bray

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