Date: 24th September 2019 at 7:30pm
Written by: Mark Day

It’s the subject that’s on a lot of Blues fans minds at the moment.

Just when are the club finally going to get the deal done and sign Josh McEachran? It’s been a few weeks since we first learned that McEachran was on trial for us, and ever since then, it’s just been a constant stream of various updates, and not a lot of movement in that department.

What makes it more concerning is that there doesn’t seem to be anyone at the club that has a bad word to say about him. He’s had praise from team-mates and even members of the coaching staff are talking about how good he is.

Speaking to Birmingham Live, Blues development coach Steve Spooner said:

“Physically he is getting stronger. That’s his third game on the trot, he’s lasting longer in games now, though by his own admission he felt really tired towards the end. He’s an excellent footballer with the ball, he takes it, sees passes and he has it under pressure, he can play one-two touch and has a varied range of passing.”

If there was an issue, like a member of the club saying ‘we can’t work out where to play him’ or that ‘he’s got a niggling ankle injury that is causing us some concern’, I’d understand. However, it seems like he’s got a clean bill of health and is settling in nicely.

So why is there such a delay?

I have spoken before on the topic by saying that I am concerned that the longer this goes on, and with coaches talking about how good he is, that fear is starting to grow on me slightly, and it should start to worry you as well.

What about you? Are you tired of all these updates with not much in the way of action? Or are you one of the 5% of people that voted in a recent poll that think he’s not the right player for the Blues?

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