Date: 18th February 2014 at 12:25am
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Rumours circulated since early morning Monday about the futures of Birmingham coaching staff Terry McDermott and Derek Fazakerley, sources claimed the pair had left the club on Sunday after a meeting with Lee Clark.


Both members of staff came with Clark from Huddersfield in 2012, they all know each other very well and it was a surprise to hear of their departure. The nature of their relationship suggests that it was probably an agreement by all of them to make a change. I just don`t see Lee Clark ‘wielding the axe`.

The club have responded with a statement on the official website, but they actually refused to comment on the speculation whilst they did acknowledge it. Had they still been employed by the club then they would have most likely simply rebuffed the rumours, refusing to comment suggests that there are on-going negotiations about their terms of severance.

Home Blues

The change may be a result of the poor home defeat to Huddersfield this past weekend, Birmingham`s home form has begun to puzzle Lee Clark. St Andrews has not seen a win in 11 games now. Blues are slipping down the league every time they have a home fixture and the away form won`t hold out for ever, something needs to change.

Sky Sports sources have claimed the pair have been sacked by Lee Clark. Again, I doubt Clark pushed them out of the door, it could have been a meetings of minds and a feeling for change.

Next in Line

The favourite to be promoted to assistant manager is Steve Watson and Richard Beele is also thought to be going to move up the coaching ladder. Clark and Watson were at Newcastle together and was initially brought in to help with U21 development but he has also had first team coaching involvement.

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