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“Makes no sense”, “don’t give them ideas”- Some Blues fans seething over after this statement

Image for “Makes no sense”, “don’t give them ideas”- Some Blues fans seething over after this statement

These Blues fans have been left seething at a suggestion that has been doing the rounds within the media.

I sort of feel like this is starting to become a personal vendetta against the perceived ‘big teams’ in the division. Those that have been in the Premier League recently against those that haven’t, because that seems to be the ones that are being targeted through all this.

According to a report from The Sun, there are a number of chiefs within the Championship that aren’t too happy with the idea of clubs making players defer their wages whilst there is no football going on, resulting in less income for the clubs.

Are you getting tired of these battles with the EFL and other clubs?





They even go so far as to say that those who are doing so should be met with a transfer ban (Birmingham City being one of them), with one being quoted as saying “Why should those who balance the books and pay their players in full be punished? We won’t sit back and watch these teams make signings.”

This is a view that hasn’t necessarily gone down well with Birmingham City fans on social media, who both tore into and laughed at the proposition with some going as far as saying that the idea didn’t make any sense.

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  • Chris says:

    I would love to know who the scumbag chairman are that are supposedly against clubs deferring wages, they should be named and shamed if it is indeed true, we’ve deferred players wages to avoid making back room staff redundant and besides ffp is based over a 3 year period and any deferred wages will be paid anyway. personally I think this is a made up bullshit story from the scum oops I mean the sun. From what I’ve read elsewhere ffp rules are going to be changed for this season anyway because of what’s happened.

  • WaycoolBlue says:

    It was Barnsleys chairman that came up with this idea. But their players have refused to take a pay cut they’re just jealous because we have loyal honest players who are happy to take a play cut. For the good of the club and the non playing staff. No club that has referred wages for players should be punished for that they they are doing the right thing. And if your Barnsley with a group of players that refused to defer their wages don’t get upset when other teams have managed to come to a deal with their players talk to your own players. Maybe they will listen but it’s no one else’s fault if your players are selfish. There is also other clubs that are paying under £6,000 a week wages anyway so they cannot do a deferral. They have been paying low wages anywhere how is that anyone else’s fault.

    • Chris says:

      If it is the Barnsley chairman then his comments make no sense because whatever we do now won’t effect them next season as they will almost certainly be in league one!!!. This bloke needs to start worrying about his own club rather than whingeing about others.

  • Ijaz says:

    The chairman who are saying this are a disgrace and deserve to be shamed in public. Do you even understand what the word deferred means? It means the players will get the monies owed at a later date. It has not been forced on the players and is totally voluntary. It just goes to show what a detached bubble existence some of these people live in. If the EFL decides to act against clubs and players trying to save the jobs of their workers then I think the government needs to step in.

  • John flavel says:

    The government praised the clubs that took action in securing a wage deferral. They would not look kindly on the EFL punishing them for doing so. I did listen to the sports illustrator and the Barnsley Chairmen Daniel Stendel and some others un-named he clams are behind him. They are trying to push this through. They want to hold talks with the EFL governing body. They clean they are at a disadvantage to the clubs have to pay higher wages but show that they cannot maintain those wages in a crisis so therefore are ill prepared to pay those wages.

    Witch is otter bullocks because Barnsley try to push through a wage deferral but their players refused. most of which are under 6K per week.


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