Date: 25th July 2018 at 6:00pm
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The Mirror journalist James Nursey has contradicted blogger Daniel Ivery’s report that Kristian Pedersen is now registered as a Birmingham City player with the EFL.

Ivery revealed on his Twitter account yesterday that he believes the full-back is eligible to play for us in the Championship.

However Nursey doesn’t believe this to be the case, and that the club still have work to do in order to have their transfer embargo lifted:


Of course, it would be majorly disappointing if the reported embargo stays in place until the end of the transfer window. However, it depends on who you believe and how you look at it.

Ivery was the first to report the issue with Pedersen in the first place, and if he now believes the Dane is registered, I would be more inclined to believe him anyway.

Like every fan, I’m just praying this can all be resolved as soon as possible. Do you think Pedersen will start against Norwich? Let me know in the poll:

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7 Replies to “‘Major Nightmare’ – Journalist Insists Birmingham Remain In The Dark Over Full Back’s Situation”

  • could we have played him in the friendly’s here in the UK if he hadn’t been registered? because of insurance ect i’d have thought not,and as he played the other night,surely he’s got to be registered.

    can’t see anymore coming in unless or until those not in the managers plans have moved on though .

  • Keeping the supporters in the dark and the lack of respect from the club is poor to say the leased. All we here is they are in negotiations, period. God knows what is going on in monks head through all this. If Peterson is registered. Could someone in the know say how they got the information or is it speculation !! This situation is making the club a laughing stock. It’s time the chairman to be up front about this instead of treating the supporters like mushrooms.

  • What is bothering me is the fact that the Chinese government is kerbing Chinese companies from spending which means blues have 2 sets of rules the EFLs and the chinese governments to contend with , which could bring this club down to a fourth tier club , possibly the Chinese government is preventing TTA from paying up debts , who knows ..but once again everything that comes from China seems to take to long , which does not give the great nation of China a very good reputation ….Unless TAT are playing for time because they have no money to spend on players and don’t want to admit it ..whatever , but blues fans in paying for season tickets should insist to the E.F.L. that all transfers be done at the start of the season not at the end ….would you buy a ticket for a show not knowing who is on that show , Once again we have had a lot of names mentioned who we are after , but cannot buy …COME ON LETS HEAR WHAR REALLY IS GOING ON …AT BLUES …KRO ..

    • Them who shall not be named 🙂 were forced to seek outside investment due to Chinese regulations limiting owner investment and the fact the owner was a joker who in my mind never had the cash.However I feel its the same for TTA, no cash at all as they have never really produced it .Not to the levels that suggests they had real money.Also looking in hindsight at what they had to do when they bought the club , leverage loans against the ground etc all leads me to think they are penny stock merchants in it to make a quick book no long term investment or real plan.TTA need to stand up and be counted now and prove this wrong .Although i wont hold my breath, new owners needed urgently or i feel this transfer embargo is the least of the worries we will have.

  • There is a lot of truth what Davidjames has posted.From Almajir to comments made by Garry Monk-there are many bits and bobs that don’t make much sense to the average supporter. Other Championship clubs have gone through FFP at the same time of ourselves but have sorted it and moved on.If Ren and co. fail to satisfy the EFL then new problems arise especially with the so called assurances given to our manager at the onset. What is abundantly clear is that Almajir,Nursey and Uncle Tom Cobley haven’t a clue as to our situation within the EFL.Read what we may and conclude what we think,the reality is that until this embargo is lifted the new season is arriving too fast for most of us.

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