Date: 30th January 2020 at 8:30pm
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Whatever the issues surrounding the Marcus Maddison transfer from Peterborough United that eventually fell through, it does leave Birmingham City, in my opinion, the biggest losers.

Here we have a strong, goal getting midfielder, ideally made for the St.Andrews faithful, but destined for another Championship club. Yes, he is out of contract in the summer and ideally a loan deal would have been preferable, with a view to a permanent signing in July. Blues looked to have had this one done and dusted but alas not the case.

We get Scott Hogan in and on the same day bury this news regarding Maddison. Many supporters I read feel different and appear at ease with this outcome – but not myself. We move on of course but this I feel was a disappointment.

Maddison is a good player and was worth going the extra mile. As regards Scott Hogan we have to back him now he is here for the remaining seventeen games, and supporters will do their bit as usual with the support. My concern, like many, is the likely prospect of losing Kristian Pedersen to Watford.

This news released by the Watford Observer is not welcome and should they offer decent money and the prospect of Premier League football for the player, then there is no option in my view that he will leave. This typifies the vulnerability of a club such as ours where we are heading nowhere and plummeting by not securing winning games.

My hope is that our owners do not throw the towel in and enter into a fire sale. We had it with Pannu and it was painful for the fans, we do not want a repeat. Friday will tell us a great deal as to what direction we are heading – resist the Watford transfer talk regarding Pedersen, resist any Bellingham transfer talk and add to the squad then hope will be restored but losing and selling over the next 24 and a bit hours will tell a different story.

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17 Replies to “Maddison breakdown makes Blues the losers”

  • Always concerned about something. You don’t know whether Maddison would have been any good and you don’t know the inns and outs of the negotiations. If it was right for the clubs, player and agent it would have happened just like every other club, player and agent so why get wound up about something that you have no involvement with?

    • Well said tha man it gets on my tits when people whinge about players not signing if they dont sign then they dont sign big deal . I wish we could sign bale but it ain’t gonna happen. Shit happens get over it and move on

  • Yes Maddison would have been good for us and helped the starting eleven to be a more solid and aggressive side. What concerns me is the news regarding Enobakhare joining us. Hogan, Jutkiewicz and this player appear all similar. Does this smell of a possible move for Jutkiewicz? Nothing would surprise me. Any view Mitchell?

    • Charles. Don’t think Juke will get long term offers elsewhere. Next season might be his last should Blues go really out for a promotion push.

  • Well he was never our player in the first place so it’s no loss if he doesn’t want to play for us then we don’t want him.

    Peterborough played on that story Birmingham was only in for him months ago we have moved on from there since.

    It’s obvious because first of all they said a bid had been accepted from Birmingham they only made that up no bid had been accepted because Birmingham hadn’t made a bid. They did that to put his price up so they can get as much as they can get.

    So had there been a bid accepted there would not have been any more to discuss. The only way that that could have broken down was if the player himself decided he did not want to come or was not happy with the deal on the table.


    • Waycool, sorry but you have your facts way wrong!. Maddison has a £2.5 million release clause which we matched, as did 2 other clubs, we held talks but Posh chairman Darragh Macanthony was trying to get as many add ons as he could and Blues refused to play along.

      • Well if you meet a players release clause then that’s it what more is there to discuss the player can leave there’s nothing that they can do to stop that they could not put addons into the contract. So if that’s the case our club is fully within their right to say kiss my ass. And I for one do not blame them.

      • White if you break a release clause how can they put addons into any contract they have to be in the contract to begin with. You can’t just make contracts up as you go.

        I’m sure we activated release clause and he turned us down.
        Or we offered below the release clause and there was asking for add-ons which we refused it broke down some way but I can’t see how they can stop you from signing a player if you have met the terms of his contract and his release clause.

        I don’t think he would work in the championship anyway. A Step Too Far!!

  • Well said tha man it gets on my tits when people whinge about players not signing if they dont sign then they dont sign big deal . I wish we could sign bale but it ain’t gonna happen. Shit happens get over it and move on

  • Hopefully we get the young striker from wolves that will help with the attack young kids are always willing to prove themselves oh and ren do not sell our fullback he has improved 100 % or ill set fire to your underpants dya hear rama lama ding dong nuff said

  • Maddison hasn’t gone anywhere yet and with it being deadline day tomorrow anything can happen, it appears talks have also stalled at the other clubs that were interested and the reason could be Posh’s Darragh Macanthony, but Maddison’s able to walk away for nothing in the summer so maybe the deal isn’t exactly dead yet and let’s face it anything can happen on deadline day.

    • Giminez reportedly on his way out so we may still need another forward. The lad from Wolves was on our radar in August but is more of a number 10 or attacking midfielder. No chance Juke going anywhere so stop all the worrying and back the club in what they are trying to do. We have to remember that we are still being watched closely by the EFL on our finances.

      • 100-percent he’s gone. That young player from wolves as already signed apparently he was in training with us today. Until Giminez has been confirmed we won’t hear . I was talking about this on another site but everyone thought I was talking bullocks. And now there’s no one on that site to answer haha.

  • Wow another big transfer day for the Boys in Blue! I wonder what we will pick up on the cheap today from the magic wand of Ren and his cronies.
    Time and time again we were hearing rumour pre-christmas about Gayle,Adams etc when in all honesty the few sensible ones amongst us knew it was bull****. Our rage and tag club will continue its decline under these fools,and I’m hoping relegation and administration will finally rid us of this crew(along with Clotet and his amigo’,and the majority of the squad) so we can start again with the right people in at all levels.

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