Date: 7th May 2015 at 9:31am
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Demarai Gray has declared that he is happy to remain at Birmingham. According to the Birmingham Mail he is happy to remain at Birmingham come the end of the summer, but does that mean he will? as they seem to be implying.

The youngster is to be the subject of another round of transfer bids from Bournemouth and there are further stories linking him with bigger Premier League clubs (although I don’t see that happening). He has had a very good season, considering hes just 18 and it was his first season in the team.

But this summer could be the one where the club finally choose to cash in on their left wing luxury. He hasn’t signed a new deal and the bids will come in at over £5 million now Bournemouth have even more financial clout.

Gray said the following in his Birmingham Mail interview.

‘”If anything happens we will just have to wait and see, no-one knows what the future holds – all I can say is I am happy at Birmingham.”

There is little commitment to the club there and experience tells me the only commitment a player can really make is to sign a new deal. Which hasn’t happened and even then, we’ve seen players sign new deals, become vice captain and then move to a team that finished below us in the table – naming no names of course (Adeyemi).

All Birmingham City fans want Demarai to remain with the club, this is a fan base that is crying out for a new homegrown hero, but whether Gray is that player remains out of our hands. Besides, Rowett is acting as that galvanising figure at the moment between the clubs fans and the club.

Like he said, ‘if anything happens’ we’ll just have to wait and see.

He also went on to talk about how he understands that he needs to play games at this stage of his career as well as at any stage of his career.

Development is crucial at his age and Birmingham is the best place for that, the Premier League is a unforgiving place, as Blues have found out having been relegated a fair few times. Is one good season in the Championship a ticket to the promised land? I’d say at least two are required but I’m biased and would like Gray to see what we can do next year.

But teams like Bournemouth can offer Gray significant game time, and there isn’t a guarantee he will play every game here. Rowett is a tactition and he will rotate Gray when needs be, Koby Arthur is also due to come through properly this season and he will contest for those spots as well.

In summary, what should Birmingham City do? My opinion is to reject any bids that come our way so long as Demarai Gray is saying he is happy here, if we don’t need the money then don’t take it.

If Gray, like Adeyemi, makes any noises as to ‘moving on’ then sell sell sell. This club has proven that despite any loss it will remain, it will continue to produce talent and the fans will continue to sing home and away. Players come and go.

Birmingham are at a crucial point in their history, the club has stepped away from the edge of ruin and is about to embark on a rebuilding process that could see the royal blue of Birmingham return to the table and compete again. Selling our best players is always a step in the wrong direction, when they’re willing to stay of course.

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