Date: 26th November 2018 at 1:42pm
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Mitchell Bray wrote: You need to look no further than to the EFL for yesterday’s defeat to our fiercest rivals.

This may sound odd and quirky but the reality is the heavy-handed embargo that has hit us for two transfer windows is beginning to bite.

Garry Monk’s tight-knit threadbare squad cannot cope with more than a couple of injuries to key players-we all knew it and expected it. How can a Championship club tread above water with such severe restrictions and more expected punishment to come? We simply cannot.

Since 2011 and Carsengate, this club has been skint and heavens knows how the likes of Hughton, Rowett and Clark managed to save us from League One. Now we have the talented Garry Monk who is getting clobbered with transfer windows being shut before his eyes and dreaded anticipation of what may be on the horizon. My hope is that our hierarchy is well equipped to deal with the EFL and I hope the well respected Monk is part of this procedure.

We need fairness,not a continual beating,for a club that hasn’t done much wrong.

Yes we spent more than shouldn’t and we signed a player that we shouldn’t but in the bigger picture does that deserve such draconian punishment. At the start of the season players like Trueman,Seddon,Otabor,Lakin we’re being talked about for this season as being the ones to see us through. So far not the case. We have to rely on freebies such as Camp,Bogle and Mahoney.

This must be wretched for a man of Monks calibre. We have a gutsy team spirit and likewise the players such as Jukey,Dean and Morrison,but we need far more than that if we are to survive the second half of this season. Above all we need fairness from the EFL in order for our manager to recruit in January. Nobody I know is holding their breath as we as supporters know only too well that like Millwall,it seems nobody likes us. Monk is my hope and he alone. Maybe I am well off beam on all this but deep down he is the key person to rid us of this unfair,almost cruel continued embargo.

With thanks to Mitchell Bray

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  • Do we have the right people to fight our case with the EFL? The Owners do not communicate with the Supporters, and therefore does not fulfil supporters confidence in them. GM cannot represent the Club in this matter as it’s down to the Owners/Directors to present their case and negotiate. Whatever happened to the TTA announcement that we were lead to believe was coming from them in October in relation to the who would be the owners now the 2-year debenture was up, and where is “Dragon Villa” in all this? Still far too many murky waters for my liking, and the other big question is how long GM will stick this out?

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