Date: 24th July 2019 at 8:35am
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It’s been a pretty quiet summer so far for the Blues.

I suppose when you’ve had the financial difficulties that they’ve had in the past, it’s probably best to keep your wallet closed. However that could be about to change, depending on who you believe, as the Blues could be about to sign Chelsea youngster Jake Clarke-Salter.

Clarke-Salter was on the verge of signing for Birmingham back in 2017, when Harry Redknapp was in charge, however circumstances elsewhere meant that they were forced to abandon the plan. Seemingly out of nowhere though, rumours have started to circulate online that Clarke-Salter is set to finally make the move to St Andrew’s two years later.

The majority of these reports stem from one story claiming that Clarke-Salter was at Birmingham’s recent friendly away at Bristol Rovers, something that has been claimed by supporters from both teams.

Although there was a more concrete version of events, and that came from Matt Law at The Daily Telegraph, who said that they were in ‘pole position’ to sign him.

With this ‘news’ now out in the public, fans were abuzz on Tuesday with news that the deal was seemingly nearing completion. This could just be a case of a false alarm, but that didn’t stop these Blues fans taking to Twitter to air their views on the latest developments. Developments being used in the loosest possible sense.

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13 Replies to “‘Let’s wait and see’: Some Birmingham fans cautious about rumours surrounding Premier League man”

  • I am not happy with this ..blues are still on a downward trend ..we always have taken the good with the bad ..but where is the good ..if the owners cant make money they should pass the reins to somebody else ..

  • Never heard Of Jake salty balls . We are doomed this year is the year where if think our luck will run out and we go down

  • This website is fast becoming the Doom and Gloom the place to get news that isn’t bad news but reads as bad news.

    It Should be called vital doom and gloom.

    I like to look at the positives in things positivity helps things to run more smoothly a good vibe will not only help supporters but it will also help the club players and staff.

    Is my understanding this has been a done deal for almost 3 weeks now.

    Things tend to get overlooked because people are looking for the Doom and Gloom they’re not looking at the big picture.

    All the press are focused on is the bad things anything that they can dig up to bring the club down.

    For starters Morrison leaving they focused around that story for 4 days and they’re still dragging it up again.

    But then when you look at it you know that he wanted three year’s contract we know this for a fact.

    We know he does not have the very best injury record we know he’s not getting any younger. We know that he can’t play out from the back and can’t play in a back 3.
    In my opinion it was time for him to be replaced

    We are not a club that can afford to have a ageing 23k a week bench man.

    Jota! with this one the Press focused on rumours that he was sold for 1 million. This is completely untrue.

    I know 100% that he was sold for 5.25 million. And that Gary Gardner was brought in on a separate deal the two deals were not connected we paid 1.25 million for Gary Gardner. That left us a reminder of 4 million.

    So again the focus was on unfounded rumours.
    In my opinion this was a good deal.

    I’m just waiting for someone to write a positive story about Birmingham City. And to stop focusing on rumours and hearsay and stop trying to drag our club through the mud. Maybe that could start on this website. KRO

    • Ps.. The lad is undergoing a medical.
      The reason this took so long was because he was in talks with four other clubs. He has made his decision and he’s joining Birmingham City this is a positive and very good signing. He is England under 21 captain he was also placed on stand by for England first team. You can play in a back 3 he has has a phenomenal pass completion rate 86% compared to to Morrisons 23%. . So do a full story on this in a positive manner you can look up the stats it’s not hard.


    • Good points made and I would agree with your sentiments. However, I would be cautious to believe anyone that is 100% sure about anything that goes on at Blues. If you have inside knowledge to that degree I look forward to hearing things before they are announced officially. The problem with social media is that so many people are 100% sure based solely on rumour.

      • Ivan Sunjic Birminghan city FC Have £6.2m bid accepted if terms are agreed they will will beat AC Milan and leads to be signature.

    • At last a post that makes complete sense. There seems in the fan base at B.C.F.C. a real desire for all to go wrong and to blame anyone connected to the club. The declared vision of playing attractive football has been met with derision rather than pleasure. Many feel that Pep Clotet and the previous Garry Monk management team are solely at the club waiting for the call from Garry Monk that he has a new club and needs their services. I for one do not feel that this is the case. It looks like Pep Clotet and his team know where they are going and exactly how a new player will fit into this master plan. So far it looks excitingly good to me. For sure there will be more acquisitions to complete the ‘Jigsaw’. Lets be positive and support the management team, club and players.

  • He is a ball playing left footed centre back that we have been missing for a good few years. England u21 captain. Very good in the air. Very good signing. A huge improvement on Morrison. Why all the doom and gloom?

  • I’m sorry but I am just fed up with all these articles focusing on the negatives and completely turning a blind eye to the positives.


    • Again I agree with you WCB. Being a football supporter, particularly of Blues, is all about hope. THIS season, THIS match will prove successful. By being negative you are giving up that hope.

      • No I am not 100% on this one Birmingham City have had add a bid accepted for Ivan Sunjic believe to be 6.2 million he’s apparently flying in for a medical. If this is true it means that we beat AC Milan and also leads and Everton to this one. Although Everton have not shown any interest since last year.

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