Date: 11th March 2019 at 10:51am
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Written by Mitchell Bray:

With the mindless action of one thug our club, in my opinion, is guaranteed League One football next year.

Of all the clubs to send us out of the Championship, it has to be ironically Aston Villa. Pundits across football are calling for the severest of action for the attack on Jack Grealish. Points deduction again raises its ugly head and I have little doubt the footballing authorities will listen and take heed of what football is demanding of them.

Again, we are likely to be the guinea pigs in a new way forward to prevent further happenings like yesterday. It simply had to be BCFC of all clubs. Whatever supporters viewpoints, reality suggests this really is it for the foreseeable future of the club.

Maybe this is just pessimism, call it what you may, this latest knockback is again, in my opinion, the last straw.

Our finances, our discipline and our hopes have been shot. Blues supporters, the very backbone of the club, do not deserve it, but it is the way it goes. My sympathies go out to Garry Monk and his hard-working backroom team who surely must now be planning new pastures. With the FFP saga we did at least have some hope by accumulating enough points to take the hit but yesterday’s actions of one mindless thug have completely destroyed that. It is my belief that the swiftest of actions will be taken by the FA and the EFL.

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    • The supporters around me, at least, were applauding the swift actions of the stewards in preventing something worse, removing him from the pitch and handing him over to the police. I would suggest that the people claiming that ther were cheering him were not at the match.

  • Hi, as a Villa fan my initial thoughts was one idiot shouldn’t condemn a club. Maybe you’re right that the cheering was for the stewards but it didn’t seem like that over the tv, could be I was wrong.

    What I don’t understand is why there is little or no mention of the steward who appeared to attack Grealish after his (admittedly foolish) celebration with the crowd. This seemed much more serious to me from a club perspective at least even if it was an old guy physically incapable of doing much damage.

    What made me most sad was the reactions on social media and local web sites where there seems to be a sizeable minority of blues fans thinking the fan attack was great. Plus the taunting of Grealishes dead brother is lower than low

    So all in all, it would be unfair to punish a whole club for a few idiots but the sensible (hopefully majority) of blues fans should really let the idiots know what they’re doing is wrong. That means if it’s your son, brother, dad etc tell him to his face what a tool he is for posting crap on line.

    Peace to all

  • Hope they throw the book at you, but I doubt if they’d deduct 17+ points to relegate you, get off your knees tinpot

  • I feel sorry for the young fans of Birmingham who had to see this act of violence parent don’t bring their children to gamesto see this behaviour I hope that the club
    Does not suffer more than the culprit the players don’t deserve that
    .Villa fan for life

    • BC players and most fans don’t deserve what’s coming. That’s true.
      But for the general safety and protection of everyone there MUST be a very severe punishment . A REAL deterrent.
      BCs insane jealousy and hatred of everything Aston Villa is way in excess of normal intense rivalry.
      The Neanderthal that punched Jack Grealish was cheered off. That’s why he was blowing kisses to his audience. That is sick.
      Grealish was booed all game after being punched. But what did he actually do wrong to deserve it? I say nothing,really. That too,is sick.
      He’s targeted because he’s good. And he loves his club. But does he taunt the BC fans or say bad things about them? No.
      They hate him because they wish,deep down that he was theirs. That chip they carry around with them on their shoulder somehow becomes heavier when a genuine Claret and Blue star comes along. And Grealish could well be up there with some of the greats of Midlands football in 4 or 5 years from now.

  • As a Villa fan what happened was shocking and unacceptable because had this moron had a weapon Grealish could easily have been seriously injured or killed so I hope he pays the full price for his actions. As far as punishment for the club goes, there obviously has to be serious consequences in order to send a strong message that this can not be allowed to happen, but on a personal note as a staunch Villa fan and a Brummy I believe that FFP will result in a heavy points deduction for BHam City and I would not wish to ad to that with a further deduction resulting in Blues being relegated. They have apologised and they will be punished but I think we are big enough as Jack has demonstrated to accept it, and move on.

  • When everything is said and done, Jack was kicked off the ball from the start, and it didn’t stop all through the first half. He was attacked and the crowd cheered the attacker off. Instead of any sympathy for him, or embarrassment over the attack, every time Jack was near the ball he was repeatedly booed. When he scored a Blues steward had a sly go at him. And when he was finally substituted the whole Blues crowd booed and jeered him off.

    What does this say about the Blues players, staff and support? One person might be getting locked up for his actions, but he was only the Village idiot. The rest of the Village have questions to answer.

    • you forgot to mention the pr**k on twitter…. his tweet bring this “football club” to an even lower level of inhumanity.

  • The fans were applauding the security for removing him? Were those the same fans singing “one punch and you knocked him out” too?

    You deserve whatever punishment you get.

  • This is nothing new coming from the b-lose. It’s well known that the Ramp Rats in the 80s targeted young Villa players when they were out on the town. There was a popular nightclub on the Hagley Rd where a lot of mockery, and bullying intimidation went on. Punches thrown after a few drinks in the direction of the future Villa stars would effectively end the bullying-close night… For you millenials replying to this ‘piece’, it’s what we have lived with for years. Time to close the club. This time I seriously hope administration and being kicked out of the FL beckon. UTV. SOTC

  • I was there yesterday, with other Villa fans, and I can confirm that the Kop were cheering loudly, that was disgusting. It has passed anything I have known and Im nearly 50. This is not an isolated incident, Birmingham City have history in this, remember the thug who ran up to our goalkeeper gesturing? There is something wrong in BCFC, the obsession with Villa runs very deep, you even have a player who scores at Wembley, and instead of celebrating shows his t-shirt with s**t on the Villa. Your club need to do something about this, your Villa obsession is tearing you apart

    • Spot on Garry. I worked with Paul Tait’s mom shortly after that, a respectable woman in a decent office job…. no remorse, no admonishment, no embarrassment, just “one of the things”. Our club casts it’s shadow far and wide mate, and the b-lose haven’t seen daylight for decades… even their ex-RampRat 1eyedbaz has jumped in to further his profile and twitter following, shameful self promotion. We do not need any help from the wrong side of the tracks. VTID

    • Am I right in saying the blues fans circled and turned on Doug Ellis in his rolls
      Say no more need to be heavily punished

  • as a blues fan of many years one idiot does not represent the majority of law abiding fans but some of the one eyed comments on here are rubbish but I see nothing about the so called villa calling for him to be killed and burn his house down along with his wife and child so as these Twitter trolls are ok in saying this shit flows sideways so these comments make them just so bad if not worse than the prick who threw a crap punch

    • Are you telling me your surprised by people threatening him on social media. It’s all of course pathetic. Let the law sort out that scumbag. But it was always gonna happen after a complete cowards punch. It’s the way social media works these days

  • The best part yesterday is that it’s all blues fans worst nightmare. Grealish has gone from a villa cult hero to a footballing icon nationwide for his classy response. For years to come Blues will be known as a scum club and not just by villa fans, even if it is the minority but with that cowardly assault, the hateful tweets and the angry pathetic steward, everyone now hates blues.
    They should be punished of course but i think a stadium closure to go along with there Financial fair play woes would be sufficient. The damage done to the club’s image yesterday is as bad as it can really get.

    (Also applauding the stewards…I’ve heard it all, I was there and they were cheers for the fan. You all know it, just admit it)

  • No taunting from the Vile fans then? Such sweet innocent bystanders. The lad winds everyone up, so what about punishing incitement of the crowd not only on the pitch but through social media? Yes we can all agree that fans should behave and I don’t think anyone backs what that idiot did, but everyone has a threshold and there is no way of filtering out the bad people. My fear is that someone will be badly hurt or worse just as we hear of and witness every day of the week.

    Most of you are probably too young to remember pre Hillsborough when fans were behind cages but this will be the next step.

    • Winds them up by being good? Having a hair style you don’t like?
      I somehow don’t think the hysteria this morning is about fan taunts. A blues fan cowardly tried to brake a players jaw and then the entire crowd cheered that act. No one’s having a go for fan taunting

  • Im a fan of BRADFORD CITY FOOTBALL CLUB since 1968 .Ok .as far as Villa and Birmingham are concerned im neutral .Here are my neutral thoughts .Birmingham City have broken the financial fair play regulations .I expect that they will be deducted 21 points .The lunatic who attacked Jack Grealish yesterday really ought to receive a prison sentence of NOT LESS than 3 years .Birmingham City should be deducted a further 9 points for the actions of the idiot who attacked Grealish from behind .And the 2nd assault on Grealish by the crowd control steward which i witnessed on tv yesterday.Of course this would put Birmingham into league 1 for next season .Now To Villa who have also broken the FFP rules .Villa should receive a 12 point deduction NEXT SEASON .for transgressing the FFP RULES.The vast majority of clubs manage their finances within the FFP rules .This includes my beloved Bradford City who are struggling at the moment and we might yet end up back in league 2.But our fans will not attack players .Our board of directors will not break FFP rules .We will always be a decent club with big support which ever division we are in .To the fans of both Birmingham and Villa BEHAVE YOURSELVES .AND PARTICULARLY TO BIRMINGHAM FANS .GROW UP

    • David,
      Whilst I share your condemnation of the incidents yesterday, I have to say I think the punishment you would mete out to BCFC would be a tad harsh. I would also point out that AVFC have never been found to be transgressing FFP rules and are guilty of nothing in that respect. I wonder where your information on this subject comes from! Since the takeover AVFC have paid all outstanding debts. A club now run as one should be. All the best to Bradford, a club I admire ( although not after one particular semi-final lol).

      • Im not going to disagree perhaps i was a little harsh in thinking that Birmingham should receive a 9 point deduction .As for Aston Villa .You are right they have not yet been found guilty of breaking FFP rules .But Villa have for some time lived beyond their financial means .just as Bradford City did when we tried to stay in the premier league .Of course .Bradford City actually getting to the premier league was beyond my wildest dreams .We were more used to playing in division 4 or occasionally division 3 .And i can remember many seasons when we would consider 5000 gates as being a big crowd.As for that special night at Villa when my beloved team which cost just 7500 pounds in one transfer fee on JAMES HANSON managed to knock Villa out of a league cup semi final.I knew James Hanson before we signed him from Guiseley .He used to work at the CO OP just 200 yards from my flat .I was at Villa Park that wonderful night .What a noise we made supporting our lads that night .The away end actually shook as if an earthquake had happened when Big James headed home and at full time.I still watch the video twice a week at least even 6 years on THAT IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF THE KIND OF MEMORIES A FAN SHOULD WALK AWAY FROM A FOOTBALL STADIUM WITH.For me im 57 now and that was probably the only time i will see my team reach a cup final.. I was also at Valley Parade when the most terrible thing happened on May 11 1985 .I witnessed the start of that from 10 yards away .I wont go into any further detail on that subject .The memories are just too traumatic to post .So to Villa and the Blues DONT BE ENEMIES FOR THE SAKE OF BOTH YOUR CLUBS BE FRIENDS .And a special word to the idiot who struck Grealish one day you will be 57 like me and you have created a bad memory for all football fans as well as yourself .And to the reactionery lunatics who threaten to burn his house down etc TAKE IT FROM ONE WHO HAS BEEN IN AN INFERNO .DONT BE SO STUPID.

    • You forgot to mention to deduct 21 points from Arsenal for their fan invading the pitch.Oh and then deduct 21 points from Bournemouth who broke all the rules to get promotion and paid £1m fine to reap the benefits of now being in the Premier League and then QPR are paying off a fine for breaching FFP Rules and then you have FOREST who are breaching together with a few others in the Championship.Wolves Accounts have just come out and they breached FFP Rules last season and gambled on going up and now it’s been swept under the table.
      The list goes on wally.
      It’s a can of worms.Nobody really understands the rules albeit if you lose £39 million over 3 years

  • Did Birmingham have an adequate number of stewards on duty? If so how are they to blame? Heads of state are attacked despite all their security which proves that it is difficult to stop one moron determined to do something violent. If you want stamp out thuggery send the criminal down for a term that will deter other cretins but how can you talk of points deductions when they have not been used before? You can’t just make up punishments as it suits you. In Europe where crowd behaviour has been a problem ground closure has been the usual punishment not point deductions. Making them play the next Birmingham derby in an empty St Andrews would possibly be the fairest punishment.

  • Okay don’t punish the club or the fans however to prevent this kind of thing happening again then Birmingham City FC should be forced to fence their fans in.

  • All of the holier than thou Villa fans on here seem to have blinkers on and believe that their fans in general are angels. No one remember the mindless violence carried out at St Andrews last year, when a large group of ‘fans’ thought it was funny to smash up the toilets inside the ground causing thousands of pounds of damage, and also thought it was clever to film it and post it online? Every club has their idiots, that’s not the fault of the club.

    • It seems a common theme with blues fans trying to pass the blame here, yes every club has morons who do pathetic things at football matches, but it stays in the stands or outside the stadium. Don’t compare cowardly assault that was cheered on like a goal with idiotic toilet vandalism. Doesn’t help your point in anyway

  • Since this article going live this morning I have tried to get some points across to the FA by emailing varying mitigating circumstances surrounding yesterday. Without going into all the details i hope sanity will prevail without the wild self centred drama from the likes of Gary Neville and Alan Shearer etc. Blame and punishment must be totally understood and measured.Without that you would get the Manchester Police held responsible for the horrific Manchester Arena disaster and London Met.Police for every London stabbing. 27,000 football followers attended yesterday’s game and only one incident that could not have been prevented by any measure.

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