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Karanka So Out Of Touch After Latest Debacle

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As certain as night follows day, Tuesday evening’s latest defeat to Barnsley for Birmingham City was more than predictable.

Aitor Karanka’s calamitous decisions, match by match, with selections more akin to defending the Alamo are certainly preparing Blues supporters for a miserable winter. Unfortunately, our new manager cannot see it – with dismal notions that defending is what it is all about and to hell with football that might just excite and produce goals.

Every team sheet pre-game is met with dread as we know what’s coming, and as supporters, we are no fools. Karanka has been out of the Championship too long and it is certainly showing.

Players recruited are leggy and weary some to watch, with speed and craft not evident. Playing three centre backs against very, very mediocre opposition is about up Karanka’s Street. We all like to give new managers time but after fifteen games of failure and tortuous viewing, we know nothing will change.

Ren may be committed to this new ‘project’ but this time around I feel the trapdoor of relegation is showing code red at this early stage.

Blues supporters are used to relegation scraps but under Karanka we appear not able to take up any sort of challenge. Wycombe, Coventry, Luton and now Barnsley have shown us how the game should be played, but my fear is that Aitor Karanka is not showing a blind interest in changing things.

Bristol City, Cardiff and Watford are the next three games, which should account for Karanka’s brief return to the game. Harsh words indeed and probably too much so, but reality is staring us in the face with little hope of any improvement.

Apart from a reliable goalkeeper, we have recruited aged old players who have been around the block, with the exception of Leko who urgently needs proper tuition. Teams that I have mentioned have something about them and they look lively and eager to win, whereas this current set up is not suited to show any enterprise and hopefully grab a point.

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  • Smithy says:

    Nothing will change until we go bust and we will. Buy the club for a tenner and start again.Didnt do Southampton.Accrington or Portsmouth any harm.Watch Bolton even as they will be a proper force again before us.

  • Brian Taylor says:

    How we reach these situations is beyond me. The only manager since Rowett who achieved anything was Monk. The Chinese lose face with every error and hence we end up with the Zola situation all over again. They are fascinated by exotic names and have visions of us being like Barcelona because we have Spanish players. Every fan would like new owners but that is unlikely. Our only hope is when we gat fans back that their presence will change things.

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