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Karanka Finally Getting The Message

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Without doubt, the much-needed win at Bristol City last Saturday came at a crucial time for Birmingham City.

Not only for a long-awaited boost for Blues supporters, but for Aitor Karanka’s credibility.

Formation and belief enabled the team to play to their proper ability. All too often foreign Managers/Coaches try and play the sweet continental system believing every player in the team has two good feet, and can play themselves out of any situation. Some teams obviously can – especially Premier top six – but Birmingham City at present cannot.

Playing three centre backs plus defensive minded midfielders get you meagre points at best, and with fifteen games in, thank goodness Karanka has seen the light. Last Saturday’s success was deserved by playing the way Blues should.

We were getting too predictable despite whoever we were playing, and I am sure that this proper system was a surprise to Bristol City. We now move on with new hope and belief to Wednesday’s game at Reading.

The request from me is the same again regarding the team formation and the burying of the tinkering.

Reading are a footballing side but still vulnerable at the back with ex-favourite Michael Morrison enjoying more space to move forward, which leaves opportunities for speedy players such as Bela and Leko. Winning after so long must give Blues the taste for more and should we be successful at Reading, then credibility all round will be toasted.

Last week when we slipped to eighteenth in the league after appalling results, Karanka came under intense scrutiny and rightly so, but change he did last Saturday and fair play to him, now, of course, it is consistency we need.

Reading and Watford this week may not fully produce what we wish for but we can at least have a go (sensibly) and play to our teams’ strengths.

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  • Charles says:

    Worrying that KARANKA is so out of touch though.Another season of struggle ahead and mid table the best we can expect. Keifenbeld back in the team sums it all up. San Jose and Macree not the answer sadly along with Pedersen.

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