Date: 7th January 2020 at 7:30pm
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By all indications following last night’s news that Birmingham City have been charged by the EFL, we could now face a further points deduction.

The Official Statement by the club, however, indicates that these charges are denied and no further statement will be forthcoming.

Sky Sports and BBC have also reported this very unwelcome news.

How can we possibly describe this latest bombshell so soon into the New Year, when at least we thought such bad old habits were behind us. Are we a club just awaiting the abyss or is this news pure fantasy and aimed at destabilising us?

Supporters will have their own view, but I for one, await a statement from someone who knows his stuff and that is Daniel Ivery – Almajir – informative and usually on the mark.

Should all this be real and not a bad dream then what future do we have with our present set up? Playing Russian roulette for a second season surely cannot be right and if we have breached new wrongdoings with the running of our football club – then perhaps taking the punishment and wherever that takes us, might see us finally hit rock bottom and a new regime take over.

Nothing but nothing seems settled at Blues with daily dramas just waiting to happen, resulting in most of the talk off the pitch. Again this latest charge by the EFL has been denied by the Club and we must respect that.

My worry is that this latest horror story is carrying too much weight by the wide ranging ‘heavies’ like Sky, BBC and Telegraph. Blues supporters far and wide all have their own views and I sincerely hope that this platform gives them an outlet for a valued contribution regarding this latest news release by the EFL.

This is not a scaremongering piece that some may read into, but a genuine article that each and every follower of BCFC can consider and hopefully react to. To go through last season’s uncertainty regarding the league’s punishment etc was awful and now this possible repeat is almost a Bridge too far.

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15 Replies to “Just how much more suffering can Blues supporters endure”

  • This unwelcomed news today coupled with the astronomical debt released this afternoon certainly paints a grim picture.We always appear doomed and yet we do seem to pull through by hook etc. One day this club will be run properly and with pride.Sadly we may have to enter the real depths before that happens. Each season is now becoming an awful nightmare just to get through unscathed. Cannot be right.

  • I’m not interested in the hype surrounding other clubs potential problems with the EFL, lm only interested in my club
    “The Blues” If as reported this situation has been lingering in the background for several months, why have the club not raised the Issue with the EFL? Again if true how can the EFL demand in effect we sell players for less than there real worth, had of been the case if Che Adams had been sold in January 2019. Its fine calling for new owners, but who’s going to buy the club in its current financial state? Especially with funding liabilities of around 95 million. It’s an absolute mess, and l think it’s fair to assume this might just be the tip of the iceberg. It’s vital we stay in the Championship, because the revenue streams are far less in the lower divisions.

  • If this news is true and I really hope it is not I dont fancy our chances of a light punishment. What is it with this called board of ours dont they learn or is it they really just dont care . The way it looks to me is let’s buy a football club and let’s see how it takes to ruin it beyond repair this just a stupid little game to them . I love my club and have supported for over 50 years and I fear the worst at the end of the season getting relegated. Please get on the next plane to China and dont come back cos believe me you wont be missed

  • I’m afraid this comes as no surprise to anyone. Unfortunately this time the debt is far more serious than ever before, and with the further ‘loan’ to be put into the club it will take us over the £100m mark. How on earth will anyone even think about buying the club with this high debt. I want my club to come out of the abyss that it finds itself in, and get rid of these unscrupulous owners, however the only feasible escape is to go into Administration. This would of course have some short term implications(relegation etc) but if it means a fresh start and the end of Ren and his MerryMen then I for one would welcome this, and sleep happily that my season ticket money is standing a much better chance of being reinvested into the club with hopefully a higher standard of club ownership.

  • At almost £ debt how are earth are we to carry on trading. Bewildering and amazing how we can even keep going. Tomorrow might just be the end or maybe a week,month who knows. What in my opinion is that our club has to be on the brink of collapse.Unless somebody out there can reassure me then please do.I am simply trying to do the maths.

  • I’m at my wits end with these owners. I agree with you Malcolm, its not the ideal thing for us to go into administration but it could be the only way to send these fools back to China.

  • This club breaks your heart and wonder if it’s best to just remember the good times and call it a day. Horrible debt,unreliable owners and crumbly old ground. Hope that matters resolve quickly and end this season after season nightmare.

  • New member but for how long? Will i have a club to support going forward? I predicted a couple of years ago that I could see Blues being put into a position whereby they share a ground with another club permanently, and possibly going bust as well. I ay not far to off the mark am I!

  • Terrible situation and this Board has and continues to keep the truth from all us loyal supporters, apparently they knew about this current situation before the end of last season but they would not say anything because it would have effected Season Ticket Sales I guess, and also the Monk sacking which was done after the majority of us bought Season Tickets,. As Malcom X says it would probably be better in the long run to go into Administration get relegated and start from scratch because these debts are unsustainable and we will be under the eyes of the EFL forever. One last word on the Board, they are Gutless with a capital G because they give us loyal fans false hope every season knowing very well there is ho hope and there is nothing worse than that.

  • The board and shareholders have spent too much money on players and wages in the hope we could get promoted. They are emptying their pockets on players fees and wages and not filling them as some seem to think.

    The EFL rules have changed the game and we will see a lot of cuts and lower wage players in the leagues below the Premier League simply because the EFL are making it difficult for clubs owners to pump money in. We are already spending more on just wages than the club receive in revenue, never mind the millions in other expenses that has to be found, so selling the ground to themselves for more than three times its value (Money they had to invest) is just a short time solution. HMRC will take a slice of this as Capital Gains Tax so its not all going to end up in the coffers.
    Other clubs have had to do the same so we are all in the same boat.

    The philosophy now has to be in getting players in for the right money on the right wages, and bringing the young players through to generate money by selling the ever richer Premier League status clubs whilst still needing to be competitive on the pitch. Not easy and something Monk wasn’t willing to do, hence his departure. Pep has taken on the challenge and should be supported in what he is trying to achieve.

    I don’t buy my season ticket on the basis that we will be spending big on players and challenging for promotion, I do it because I am loyal and enjoy supporting my club, so perhaps I’m a bit different to some.

    If I had put my money in and had to listen to moaning supporters slagging me off I would put the club into administration and tell you all to stick it. And believe me you would all be losers because there is hardly a line of idiots with millions waiting to waste their hard earned money on a football club anymore. The EFL have made things very difficult now and plenty of rich owners are looking to get out because they cant spend money on their hobby.

  • I agree with Gazal that our hands are now tied firmly behind our backs with the EFL that why we had Clotet as Coach (no cost) and have apart from the Sunjic deal seen no real money spent on players because in a nutshell we are skint. I for one cannot honestly see when this great Footballl Club of ours will ever get back into profitability again under the present regime so as I said in my other post perhaps Administration is the best alternative just to get rid of Board and debts, the only downside as Gazal says who would buy the Club, tricky situation to be in, so do we just stumble on regardless down a road where no one knows its going ??

  • If the owners can find a way of putting money into the club I’m sure they will, but in the meantime we need to be patient maybe for a few years and hope the new philosophy works. Plenty of other clubs are struggling too so it will be a more level playing field eventually.

  • Guys,sorry but we all need to get real. Our club is in a bad place and will NOT get better with these fools in charge. Forget about being patient or a few years, the debt has become to big for the club to work off. With the exception of possibly Bellingham(and at the moment we will hardly get a ‘kings fortune’ whilst he is still a minor),we don’t have any players of any real value, we no longer own St.Andrews, gates of around 20k, how on earth will these fools pay off a debt that will be circa :£140m later this year?

  • Just when is this nightmare going to end? I hate to agree with a few of the above comments but perhaps administration and relegation maybe the answer to a better future

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