Date: 2nd August 2018 at 4:01pm
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Birmingham Mail reporter Brian Dick has revealed that the pre-match press conference scheduled for today, has been delayed until tomorrow.

In a pair of tweets, the journalist explains that there is likely to be a change in the club’s situation between now and 12 pm on Friday:

At the moment it seems Dick is hesitant to overly commit on what this news will be if it is to do with the transfer embargo. The signs indicate that it will be something positive anyway.

Director Edward Cheng hinted as much yesterday when he tweeted for the first time since May. Tom Ross then added his voice to the mix by indicating an announcement could be made very shortly.

With the press conference having been moved for no obvious reason, it seems it could be because the answers to some questions may have changed drastically by this time tomorrow. Finger crossed, this is what we’re hoping it to be.

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7 Replies to “Journalist Says There Could Be An Important Reason Behind Birmingham Press Conference Delay”

  • Maybe, maybe not, but the one thing we know for sure is how people have nothing better to do than speculate. Lets wait until tomorrow as its a pre match press conference so it will be about the match. If there is anything further to say then its pretty easy to say it rather than wait until the press conference scheduled for something else. Are you getting this?

    Maybe Monk is Quitting so they need someone else to do the conference and maybe he isn’t.

  • Mate,you are speculating yourself,no dig intended….Let us just hope there finally is some good news coming our way,it’s been a long summer of second guessing what’s happening behind the scenes,the board have not dealt with this well.

  • Following a review of information submitted, for the three year period 2015/16 to 2017/18, by Birmingham City to the EFL in regard to the League’s Profitability and Sustainability (P&S) rules, the EFL has determined the Club has recorded losses in excess of the permitted amounts.

    The Club will now be referred to a Disciplinary Commission which will hear representations from both the EFL and Birmingham City before reaching its decision. The Commission, under EFL Regulations, has the ability to invoke a full range of sanctions should the breach be confirmed.

    Under the P&S rules that are aligned with the Premier League, the Club has agreed, with immediate effect, to adhere to a business plan imposed by the EFL, which includes a number of financial targets, including controlling player related expenditure, which together have the objective of meeting the requirements of the P&S Regulations moving forward. The objective of the imposed terms of the business plan is to move the Club towards compliance for forthcoming reporting periods.

    Accordingly, Birmingham City has been restricted in terms of new player registrations. The Club will be permitted to register Denmark under-21 international Kristian Pedersen, plus a further five additions, if required.

    There are a number of conditions on which these acquisitions (other than Pedersen) can be made, which are consistent with those as set out in the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules which pre- dated the P&S Regulations.

    The decision to allow the Club to register Kristian Pedersen was taken after consideration of the legal position as between the Club, Player and the EFL. The EFL is exceptionally disappointed that the Club entered into an employment contract with the Player at a time they knew they would be subject to a business plan for 2018/19 if they were in breach.

  • I obtained the above information simply by Google search through the Freedom of Information Act this information to my knowledge is 100% true. The embargo has been lifted and we are now under a business plan.

  • Haha. I was going to say. There’s no way you could have written that way cool. You can’t even write your own name without making a spelling mistake.

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