Date: 31st July 2018 at 4:30pm
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Press Association Sport journalist Nick Mashiter believes the club are pinning their hopes on Stoke selling Jack Butland for a sizeable transfer fee this summer.

The club reportedly have a sizeable sell-on fee for the goalkeeper, and it seems the money could go a long way to having the EFL’s transfer ban lifted:

Sky Sports are reporting that Chelsea have put Butland on a list of potential replacements for Thibaut Courtois, but even then, they are said to have prioritised a move for Everton’s Jordan Pickford. Stoke are reportedly holding out for £30m for the 25-year-old.

Even if the keeper does get sold before the August 9th deadline, it would likely leave very little time for Garry Monk to bring in any permanent signings if the embargo was removed.

In that scenario, the best outcome is the EFL green-lighting Kristian Pedersen’s registration and enabling us to secure loan deals before August 31st. To be honest with you, having to rely on another team selling a player just isn’t good enough. Those running the club really have a lot to answer for.

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4 Replies to “Journalist Confirms Birmingham Are ‘Pinning Some Hopes’ On £30m Sale Going Through”

  • I very much doubt they are relying and butland being sold. Yes it would help but to rely on that would be stupid. They have been relying on Stockdale being sold fabrini being sold Stuart being sold. Grounds and Brook also. Butland money would just be a bonus. The trouble is any interested clubs are also in financial fair play predicaments we aren’t the only Club this is why there is been so little movement.

  • Pretty obvious to assume this but we don’t know the facts. Only the EFL and the club know what the problem is and how much money it will take to resolve it. People keep banging on about signings but what if we have to sell players to balance the deficit? We don’t know the answers, but we do know that as long as GM stays we will do ok if not better.
    The squad isn’t weaker than last season apart from not having Gallagher, but we have Vassell coming back soon along with a good team spirit, so even with what we have got I can see us pretty safe in mid table. I’m not one of the deluded who think we could reach the playoffs with a couple of signings so quite happy to have a team competing in the championship rather than League 1 for now.
    At least we have owners who want to put money in and in time they will be able to, so lets get behind the lads and the Club and stop this negativity and moaning.

    • I agree with you I’m actually pretty excited about the season. A decent mid-table finish and then maybe some investments I’ll be happy with that I’m definitely not deluded. It’s very comforting to know that we aren’t the only Club in this situation. Although I would prefer they got rid of Ren as he is just a money taker he has no financial influence within the club he is just there to oversee things but he does his job poorly. I just hope that we can get Pedersen registered that’s the main thing now and also get rid of Stockdale because his appearance fee doubles his wage apparently this is ridiculous he needs to go and he also is not as good as we believe them to be he’s just ok Truman in my opinion within two years will be better than Stockdale.

  • I feel sorry for GM quite obviously he has been told a pack of lies like all of us what if GM now decides that enough is enough and quits what a complete and utter mess we will be in then

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