Date: 4th April 2016 at 9:47am
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Retaliation is a natural human instinct. So when a so called Blues “fan” singled Jonathan Grounds out for so much personal abuse, it prompted a reaction from the player – good on him.

After a frustrating defeat at Charlton on Saturday, it would be easy to forget that this squad of player, Grounds included, have given their all this season. Like them or loathe them, their effort cannot be questioned.

And please don`t give me all this “the fans pay their wages” cobblers. My boss pays my wages and if he swore at me or spoke to me like a piece of dirt, he`d have a thick ear. Attending games does not give anyone the right to abuse, swear and gesture at players. Criticise, fair enough. But leave all the other stuff out.

The point everyone is missing is this. Grounds does not pick himself. He plays every week and gives his all. That is all we can ask for as fans. Anything else is a bonus.

Grounds was a free transfer from Oldham Athletic. His performances have been decent – some good, some bad. What do we expect? The precarious financial position the club were in not so long ago dictated the quality of player available to sign. And I`d say, for a freebie, Grounds hasn`t been a bad piece of business.

So the next this “fan” wants to abuse a player so much that the player feels it warrants a reaction, he can do one to Villa Park. Birmingham City do not need fans like this abusing OUR players.

I’m with Jonathan Grounds on this one.

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