Date: 22nd June 2017 at 7:53am
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The John Terry saga has been dragging on and it seems he has made his choice. And it’s not Birmingham City.

But let’s make sense of the situation.

Blues offered him  £100,000 a week. That would have seen Terry become the club’s highest paid player of all time. The package put to the 36-year-old was a financial stretch even for Harry Redknapp’s standards.

Just a year or two ago, Blues were relying on free transfers and loans just to make up the numbers.

For the record, I think Terry would have been a fantastic signing for Blues. For experience alone – never mind the shirt sales, increased ticket sales and publicity – he would have been a great addition.

But I won’t lose sleep if, as is seeming likely, he signs for Aston Villa. His best days are well and truly behind him. For one season, Terry would have been brilliant. But now Redknapp can move on to other targets who may offer a bit more longevity.

Players who don’t have to ponder over a move to the second city’s football club – players who are itching to play for Birmingham City.

Admittedly, I was one of many people who was sold down the river with the Terry situation. I understood him to be very close to agreeing a move to St. Andrews. I was even told he had given his word to ‘Arry.

Whether there’s been a sudden change of heart or hee realised he simply cannot compete with Michael Morrison, Ryan Shotton and Paul Robinson remains to be seen…

Our usually reliable sources were also caught hook, line and sinker. From what we heard and were told, we were all convinced he was set to become a Blues player.

The silver lining is that Blues save on his astronomical wages. And we can happily take our wives and girlfriends to St. Andrews without fearing for their well-being (tongue in cheek).

And it does make me uncomfortable when our club spend a vast amount of money.

As good a signing as Terry would have been, it wasn’t the be all and end all.

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6 Replies to “John Terry was not the be all and end all”

  • Best we don’t save any of his wages , your right though Rob , and 2 players with an offer of 50, grand a week will get us 2 great game changers , I would like Deeney back in brum as his heart is in it …

  • This is just the Sun reporting so why is it being taken as gospel and the deal done? So what do you write if he ends up signing for Blues? I’m not bothered either way and although Terry would be a great addition but there is no guarantee he would be fit for the whole season, lets face it there are plenty of bashers around in the championship who will take a few lumps out of him, plus he might not settle being a London boy. No guarantees of anything in football regardless of pedigree and money.

  • gazal exactly that I was going to say. But I am not fussed ever way come don’t come who’s bothered.

  • Let’s not fool ourselves. If JT signs for Villa then it is a bitter pill.However,we have Harry,we had Adams goal at Bristol and we have money to spend.Happy days and new look Blues to look forward to. Too many pluses now compared to recent humble times.

  • Not bothered with John Terry. He may be alright with good players around him but may be found wanting when he is exposed. How many games do you think he could manage in a season? I think too old, too slow, too expensive. We could buy a few players than spending £5m on a has been.

  • William Hill and have stopped taking bets on JT joining us, Swansea manager Paul Clement says he’s spoke to him and apparently he’s keen to join us, several papers seem to think he’s heading our way but the sun says he’s going to vile and we’re supposed to believe it. I’m with some of the other comments here in that I’m not bothered either way, but let’s wait and see what JT decides NOT the sun.

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